It was a bright sunny day in May , when Emma , A 16- year old girl , finished high school. It was the last day of her school. Everyone around her was going through an emotional overload. There was happiness on everyone’s face , yet a gloomy vibe. There was a separation between friends , classmates , students and teachers. From writing on each other’s shirts to gifting each other personalized stuff , everyone was busy in their own friend groups. Emma , was also feeling overwhelmed , leaving her few friends. One of her friends was leaving for abroad , another friend to a new city , and at the end , she was left alone in the old town. Emma was ready to leave for her home , suddenly a boy stopped her. Who was he? Emma’s crush!

He gave Emma a personalized gift. Emma was delighted but felt her heart broken when she came to know that he was leaving for abroad within a few months. They decided to spend these last months with each other. They went on outings , had special dates , and what not. Everything was perfect and smooth. But , the final day came when he had to leave. Emma gifted him with some of her personal belongings as a gesture of love and gratitude, and he left for his own new journey. Emma was going through a wave of melancholy without him. She missed him so much that everything in the town made her cry. His memories were lying in every corner of town, in every book in library, in every breeze.

They used to chat once a week, then once a month, and then years went without him. He promised Emma that he will definitely come to meet her , but that day never came and Emma was still living in the hope to meet him, though she knew it would be hard and he would never come back to her.

I was listening to this story narrated by my innocent patient , to her friend who used to come every single day, from the past one year. I was in tears but had to hold them as it was a part of my job to treat her. Wiping my tears, I went to my innocent patient and asked her friend to wait outside. I being a Therapist did the treatment to my innocent patient , Emma. Yes , she had Alzheimer’s , and the friend was her crush , who returned from abroad , fulfilling his promise to meet Emma , but was shocked to know her state. Every evening , Emma used to get a memory loss for a certain period , and she used to express her emotions to him , unknowingly that he was the main character she was waiting for.