This story is about a man who has been ignored since childhood and now that he is thirty-four he is still alone. But he has a plan in mind that will make him the centre of attention for a very long time.


“Hey everybody welcome Victor, a new admission who’ll be now attending school with you”, said Ms. Norris the school teacher.

“Go on have a seat”, she continued

Victor obeyed and sat alone at a desk hoping to make new friends as the time goes by. Many days passed but nobody befriended him.

“Maybe it’s because of my scar’ he thought to himself.

Victor had a burn mark on his neck that he got while playing with fire, it was a third degree burn which was not healed completely. He started to feel alone day-by-day, no one would talk to him, give him notes to copy or let him sit beside them. Time passed and he graduated school without any acquaintance. His scar was still visible as third degree burn marks never fade away completely. He entered college being nervous, but the fear of being rejected never let him make any friends, he was too scared, as a result he was alone for the entire span of the course. It has been getting to him that he was not able to be the centre of attention throughout his childhood as well as young age. So he devised a plan, a plan which would let him being remembered for a very long time, a plan that would make him famous, a plan if successful would put him behind bars, but being blinded by the lime-light he ignored the negative part and went ahead towards it’s accomplishment.

The plan that he made was ridiculous, he decided to illegally buy guns and bullets and start mass murdering. Being unable to purchase guns (as they were very costly) he decided to improvise and use whatever material he could find which was sharp enough for killing somebody. He took kitchen knives, fence wires, long screws, hammer, mallet, screwdrivers etc. Then he gave it a thought that the people will probably inform the police when they see him carrying these many potentially harmful things, and hence he decided to be a handyman, whoever will call him will be his victim.

Being unable to get a call for some days his aggression and frustration grew. He got a call on the following day from a house in his neighbourhood. He went in and did his job, he stabbed the owner five times on the body making sure that he’s dead, then he called the police acting like a normal handyman who was called by the owner for repairing a broken tap, in this way he nearly murdered six people and had plans of going on. He was happy as everyone was talking about the murderer, he was even on the news headlines. Until one day the police started to suspect him for the murders as he was the one who always called them after the crime had taken place.

“It’s rubbish, he did not kill them”, said a senior police officer to whom the case was recited

“Then how is he always present at every crime scene?” stated the investigating officer

“It’s his misfortune that he is always present at the wrong place at the wrong time”’ were the last words heard from the senior officer before he went out of the room to get himself a cup of coffee

After this day the police started to keep an eye on victor considering him the primary suspect for the murders. But to their misfortune no body called him. But on the night of May 2nd Victor’s luck ran out. When he was escaping the house after killing the owner and before calling the police to hide his weapon two policemen going back from duty spotted him jumping the wall. Being curious they halted and decided to have a look, to their surprise they saw the handyman taking rounds in and out again and again of the house, sometimes with blood soaked clothes. They called for backup immediately, and thought of taking victor on gun-point, but when victor spotted the policemen walking towards his house with guns in hand, he flew the scene, escaping from the back door. But with no place to go to hide he continued running till he hijacked a car and took all its passenger hostage. He was spotted by a news helicopter which was there covering the traffic condition, putting him on-air as a braking news form where the police started to chase him, in this high-speed chase he threw the passengers out the moving car giving those severe injuries hoping that this will distract the police, but failed. He stopped after he was hit by the cars while jumping a traffic signal, and was sent to imprisonment until further notice.

As he was mentally unstable he was not directly given the death sentence, instead he was sent to prison under medical supervision expecting a confession from him. If he gave the confession and showed any sign of improvement he would be transferred to the asylum, but little did they know that he was one of a kind criminal, he attempted murder on two policemen, was involved in almost every fight that took place but did not give the confession nor any sign of guilt or remorse was observed during these long ten years of his imprisonment. As a result an order of execution was passed against him, to take place on the 4th of June. On the execution day victor was the happiest person as he has been in the headlines of the news as well as the newspaper for more than a month now. Finally he has achieved his objective of being the centre of attention and had no concern about its consequences. His execution took place and he had a smile on his face while being hanged.