In a small, quiet town, there was an old house at the end of the street. It had been empty for years, with a reputation for being haunted. People said strange things happened there, but no one dared to investigate.

One day, a group of friends named Tom, Sarah, and Jack decided to prove the rumors wrong. They were curious and wanted to see if the stories were true. As the sun set, they gathered near the house, their hearts pounding with fear and excitement.

Armed with flashlights, they cautiously entered the creaking front door. The interior was dark and filled with an eerie silence. Their footsteps echoed through the empty rooms as they explored the house.

As they ventured deeper, the air grew colder, and strange sounds filled their ears. Shadows danced on the walls, creating an unsettling atmosphere. Despite their growing unease, they pushed forward, determined to uncover the truth.

Suddenly, a door slammed shut behind them, trapping them inside. Panic washed over the group as they realized they were no longer alone. Whispers echoed through the house, chilling their spines. They tried to open the door, but it remained locked.

With each passing moment, the supernatural activity intensified. Objects moved on their own, and ghostly figures appeared and disappeared in the corners of their vision. Fear consumed them, and they huddled together for safety.

In the midst of their terror, Sarah stumbled upon a dusty old diary. Its pages were filled with the troubled words of a previous resident. It revealed a dark secret, a curse that bound the house and its inhabitants.

Determined to break the curse, the friends followed the instructions written in the diary. They recited ancient words and performed a ritual to appease the restless spirits.

Suddenly, the house trembled, and an otherworldly force surged through the rooms. The door swung open, granting them an escape. Trembling and relieved, they ran out into the night, vowing never to return.

From that day forward, the old house remained silent and still. The curse had been lifted, and peace was restored. The friends learned a valuable lesson about the dangers of meddling with the unknown, and the town could finally rest easy, free from the haunting presence that once plagued their lives.

By – Khushi Kogta