How is it possible child? Are you in your sense?? How you can see a girl moving around in the corridor. It is a boy’s hostel. Girls are not allowed said Dean sir. But sir she might have sneaked in somehow and she was standing near Rahul’s room. Maybe she came to meet Rahul. We should ask watchmen and Rahul too about it infact sir we should see yesterday night CCTV Footage. Everything will be proved said Tarun. Fine then, Investigation will be done. Ramesh call watchmen and Rahul to hostel control room wee meet to see CCTV Footage. 

Good morning sir…said watchmen. Dean sir asked watchmen did any girl came yesterday? No sir…It is boy’s hostel why any girl will come. But sir Rahul’s sister came a week ago and from that day Rahul didn’t came to hostel, warden has called him he said he has went to his house due to some family problem. He said will be returning within 3 days, but a week passed neither he is receiving the call nor returned back.

Are you sure watchmen uncle Rahul is missing from passed 1 week. Because before 2 days he was with us Tarun said.

How is it possible Tarun. I think you are hallucinating him that why you are seeing him everywhere Dean sir said.

Tarun said I can prove one girl has came to you our corridor infact saw seeing her coming from passed 1 week. I am sure today will also she is going to come. We can catch her and find out the truth. Everybody agreed It was correct 10pm when somebody banged the door continuously and harshly shivering Tarun went towards the door. He saw  Rahul was standing in the door step he was badly injured. It seems like somebody attacked him through very sharp and pointed might be a knife. Yes…he was correct its knife. But wound were seemed like they were not instand cuts. Rahul’s face and his body was like a dead body. Rahul said she didn’t spared me and she will not spare you too. You will die…everybody will die. Suddenly Tarun notice Rahul was floating in the air at the same time Rahul leaned background and starting walking weirdly Infact he was not walking he was scrambling. Tarun rushed outside screaming and calling for help. While he was going downstairs towards warden office he dumped to a weird looking girl she was no body else but the same girl he used to see her in front of Rahul’s room since passed 1 week. She started jumping on walls and started walking upside down on the roof. Tarun was scared. It was about 11.30pm. However Tarun went to warden office where watchmen and Dean sir both were present. He explained everything in detail what exactly happened with him. Even he explain the girls face structure. Everyone were shocked after hearing him. It was Sanjana’s spirit. But she passed away 20 years before. How is it possible. After her and Vikram’s death nobody neither ever feeled her presence nor anybody saw her. Suddenly why she is back here  again. 

Dean asked warden to bring old records of the year 2003 and Vikram and sanjana’s stuffs. Warden brought everything Tarun took out the file of  Sanjana and Vikram. There was a picture. He was shocked to see in the picture their was no body else instead it was Rahul and the girl he saw her just before couple of minute ago.

Dean:- Tarun give that that’s not for you to see…it’s confidencial. 

Tarun:-sir, in their picture its Rahul but who is this girl… I never saw her and neither Rahul told me anything about her. It’s completely strange… He never hides anything from me.

Dean:- The guy in the picture is not Rahul he is VIKRAM…VIKRAM CHAUHAN the great business man PRITVI CHAUHAN’S one and only Deed child. Who passed away 20 years ago in an accident with his girlfriend Sanjana whom he was going to marry. On the way to were they meet an accident and Sanjana’s body was not found except her ‘Ghuntan’ which was wrapped along Vikram’s neck. 

              The girl in the picture is non-other but Sanjana.

             EVERYONE SHOCKED (Rahul’s friend) A                      COMPLETE SILENCE WAS FILLED                           EVIL VIBES. 

Tarun:- Unbelievable ! Vikram had rebirth in the form of Rahul. And co-incidently he is in same college. Were he was before 20 years. 

WATCHMEN:- Sanjana is back for her revenge. She will spare non of you. You all did wrong to her. You all separated her from her love (VIKRAM).

Tarun and other friends:- what did we did ? When we doesn’t know her. She was here to take her love (Vikram/aka Rahul ) with her.

Watchmen:- Not only Rahul had rebirth all had also get rebirth see this picture… it’s you Tarun. Its you with Vikram and sanjana in the engagement. 

                      SHOCKED TARUN 

Dean:- I think we should call professor Agni Swaroop also a paranormal investigator. He might help us from gelling rid out of this. 


Dean  , Tarun and watchmen arrives professor Agni’s residence.


Somebody is here….hello….. I am Tarun we are here to meet professor Agni. Someone was coming from inside. 

PROFESSOR:- Yes, what happened? I am professor Agni swaroop :

Dean:- professor wee need your help. You were right she will return for her revenge…. she is back Agni…she is back.

Professor:- who Sanjana???

Dean:- Yes Sanjana.

Tarun:- what happened to Sanjana and Vikram. How did they died and how we are linked with their death.

Dean:- 20 years ago…. The story begin when Sanjana and Vikram realized their feeling about each other before that you all were a group friends. All of you were famous in college for your friendship. While Vikram and Sanjana like each other… you (Tarun) had also feeling for Sanjana. Day when Sanjana and Vikram expressed their feeling to each other you had also planned to expresse your feelings but you were not aware of them. When you get the nerve you were completely heartbroken… still you had a fake smile in your face but then you had every feeling towards Vikram. 

          SHIT….HOW THESE LIGHTS WHEN OFF.                      EVIL WIND STARTED BLOWING AND                      THEN…..

Tarun:- oh my God… Sanjana there she is !              Behind you Sir.

Sanjana attacked Tarun but he escaped professor Agni spelled out something and sprinkled holy water upon Sanjana’s spirit. That made Sanjana capture. Professor Agni asked Sanjana why she is here. She had taken her revenge now why she is troubling Tarun. 

Sanjana:- He (pointing towards Tarun) had separate me from my love. He killed Vikram… He killed me…. Without think about our friendship. 

Professor:- But you had taken your revenge…. you too killed Tarun.

Sanjana:- Yes, I did but I am not satisfied. Whenever he will have rebirth I will be back to end him.

Professor:- But why???

Sanjana:- (crying) After Vikram and I expressed our feeling to each other Tarun got    news                about our relationship. Though he was heartbroken but had a fake smile on face. But that fake smile last upto our engagement. When Vikram invited Tarun for ring ceremony he (Tarun) went out of his control. He  decided to separate us any how and win me.

                   He tried his best to manipulate me and Vikram about each other. Somehow we had our engagement. Tarun lost his total control from himself. He was fully drank. His parents were calling him again and again he did not picked up their call. Then his mother called up Vikram and asked him about Tarun and then requested him to drop Tarun. Because their (Tarun’s family) family priest had predicted about Tarun that something bad is going to happen with Tarun. He might lose his life though.

                  Vikram agreed to drop Tarun looking to his condition. He was nor in condition to drive and reach home safely. Vikram also understood Tarun’s mother’s fear. And somewhere or other even he(Vikram) had also feeling that if he leaves Tarun alone then something might happen to him. I (Sanjana) accompanate them. Road was not safe we had to cross a forest that’s way Vikram was not ready to take me with him. I wish I could have have listen to Vikram then maybe today we might not be here, we might have alive. Me and Vikram could have been together..

What happened next? Asked Tarun. 

Sanjana got triggered and tried to come out of the capture but professor Agni again sprinkled some holy water. 

Sanjana started screaming.

Professor:- What happened next then? 

Sanjana:- In the middle of the forest, our car’s Tyre got punchered. Vikram got down and restricted me and Tarun to get down. While he was change tyre Tarun attacked me. He holded me on knife near to my neck…and closed my mouth with his hand. I was  unable to do that. Tarun asked me to leave Vikram and come to him otherwise he will kill Vikram.                                                              At the same time Vikram came he asked Tarun to stop doing. Such a childish prank. He is drunk,  he might hurt Sanjana. Unknowingly Vikram triggered Tarun. He left me and argued with Vikram slowly slowly they started fighting. Then suddenly Tarun stabbed Vikram multiple times. When I tried to stop him we got unbalanced and Tarun stabbed me and I pushed Tarun he went and got hit to a sharp branch of the tree. The branch tored him into two. We all died their.

                   But I was dead by my body not by soul. I had just left my body not the world. And I will not leave the world until I take my revenge. 

Professor:- But it was over than only… all of you died and what if you be getting back your love your Vikram. He is died and even he has taken rebirth and forgotten you.

Sanjana:- I will take my Vikram with me. So that we can unite in the other world. But only than I will take when he will agree to go. Otherwise by killing Tarun I will get Santi and be able to go peacefully. But my love for won’t go. 

Professor tried make Sanjana understand but she didn’t understand. It was midnight know and also it was Amavashya. Sanjana had more powers than professor. She broke all the caption and attacked Tarun. Suddenly she left him by seeing Rahul aka Vikram there.  

Rahul:- what is going on here.I went to my house for 1 week and you (Tarun) forgot me. You didn’t even called me up.

Sanjana was invisible for Rahul. When professor sprinkled holy water again to Sanjana and explained every thing to Rahul. Rahul was shocked. 

Professor asked Rahul to handle Sanjana here so that they can go and find Sanjana’s skeleton but Rahul had to burn her skeleton. Then only she will leave. Otherwise she will kill everyone. Rahul agreed.

Rahul kept talking to Sanjana but then Sanjana asked Rahul to accompany her. So that they can be together in the other world Rahul refused and began to & run toward the forest were professor Tarun went to get Sanjana’s body.

             Sanjana followed him and tried to create obstacles for Rahul to escape. But Rahul was not effected  because he had a shild which protected him from Sanjana. The shield was their love,  Vikram Aka Rahul’s honestly towards their relationship. 

     Rahul reached the place were Sanjana was buried. Professor and Tarun were digging up. Sanjana saw everything and understood that they are going to finish her and apart her again from her love. She attacked Tarun and hung him in the air professor fought with her, with all his power but Sanjana’s spirit was more powerful that time as it was AMAVASHYA night. Somehow he realized Tarun. By that time Rahul had taken out the skeleton and burn the skeleton. Rahul not to do that otherwise she will kill professor Agni. Agni forced Rahul to do that and refused him to turn back even if he hear’s his (professor) or Tarun voice for help. That might be a trap of Sanjana and also not to stop.

Rahul runned towards the car Sanjana tried to trap Rahul but failed. He already killed professor Agni and wad about to kill Tarun but then Rahul burnt the skeleton. 

She started to scream out of pain and requested not to burn her. But Rahul explained her that their story was end already. It God wishes than they might meet each other in next life. Sanjana was burnt and a smoke raised up towards the heaven. She appeared and wished him (Rahul) well for his rest of life and expressed her love for him and promised not to rebirth and trouble them again.

                               THE END 


  1. Dikshu Tak

    I read “The Haunted Hostel” story on Storieo, and I have to say it was a thrilling and spooky ride! The plot was engaging, with twists and turns that kept me hooked till the end. The concept of a vengeful spirit seeking revenge was well-executed, and the suspenseful moments had me on the edge of my seat. The characters were well-developed, and I particularly liked the mystery surrounding Rahul/Vikram and Sanjana’s past. The only thing I would suggest is that the ending felt a bit rushed, and I would have loved to see a more detailed resolution. Overall, it was an enjoyable and haunting tale that kept me entertained throughout. Great job!