The duty of a fishmonger is to catch fishes and sell it to public. Here in this story, he plays a very significant role. Let us see how?

Chapter 1: A Good Friendship
Gunasekaran was 45 years old and he had a son and a daughter.

His son’s name was Hari and Daughter’s name was Harini.

Gunasekaran was living in the village of Pazhamathur.

Gunasekaran was working in a Government Register office.

Gunasekaran had a friend called Seenu, who was living in the town of Chidambaram.

Both of them once met in a meeting at Chennai. After that, they talked through phone often.

Their friendship got a form by means of Phone calls.

Seenu had two daughters and one son.

Seenu’s elder daughter name was Priya and Son’s name was Prasanna.

The youngest daughter of Seenu was Prema.

It was a summer vacation and Seenu thought of taking his family somewhere out for a picnic.

On April 20th, Seenu called Gunasekaran through the cell phone.

Gunasekaran answered the call, “Hello”

Seenu said,” Hello Gunasekaran”

Gunasekaran said, “Hello Seenu, How are you?”

Seenu answered, “I am fine, How are you?”

Gunasekaran said, “I am also fine, how is your family?”

Seenu replied, “They are all fine”

Gunasekaran said,” Is there anything special?”

Seenu said, “Yes, I am planning to take my family on a vacation”

Gunasekaran said,”Oh! is it so, where have you planned?”

Seenu said, “Would you suggest me places around your native place?”

Gunasekaran said, “That would be a good idea”

Seenu said, “If you also go with us in the picnic that would be fine”

Gunasekaran said,”Oh! Sure, I will”

Seenu said,” I am planning it by next week”

Gunasekaran said,”Ok, How many of you are going to visit?”

Seenu said, “Me and my children, my wife is not coming as she has to attend to her sick mother”

Gunasekaran said,” Oh! Ok, How many days of picnic have you planned?’

Seenu said,” I have planned for 2 days only”

Gunasekaran said,”Ok, where do you prefer to stay”

Seenu said, “I prefer Chengalpet”

Gunasekaran said,”Ok, I will arrange accommodation for your family in Chengalpet”

Seenu said,” I will reach there by coming Friday evening”

Gunasekaran said,”Ok, then you Plan to spend the Saturday and Sunday here”

Seenu said,” yes of course”

Gunasekaran said,”Ok then I will arrange a taxi for your picnic”

Seenu said, “Yes please do it”

Chapter 2: The Picnic

Seenu’s Family came to Chengalpet on Friday evening as planned.

Gunasekaran brought his son Hari for the Picnic along with him. They took a car and a jeep for the picnic.

Gunasekaran guided them to Mamallapuram and Thirukalukundram on Saturday.

On Sunday, Gunasekaran took them to Vedanthangal and Thirumalaivaiyavoor.

Both the families enjoyed the trip well.

Gunasekaran explained the importance of each place to Seenu’s family during the travel.

Hari became a good friend with Prasanna, Priya, and Prema.

Seenu asked Gunasekaran,”Will you come to Chidambaram with your family for a picnic?”

Gunasekaran said,”Oh! That will be a good idea”

Seenu said, “Then please come in this summer vacation itself”

Gunasekaran said, “Yes, sure”

Seenu said, “When will you let me know about your trip?”

Gunasekaran said, “I will discuss with my wife and let you know within one or two days”

On that Sunday night, Seenu’s family returned to Chidambaram.

After two days, Gunasekaran called Seenu through his mobile phone.

Seenu answered, “Hello Gunasekaran, How are you?”

Gunasekaran said, “I am fine, How are you?”

Seenu said, “Me too”

Gunasekaran said, “We have decided to make a trip to Chidambaram by this weekend”

Seenu said,”Oh that is great”

Gunasekaran said, “I will be there by Friday evening with my family”

Seenu said, “Okay, I will make all the necessary arrangements for your family”

Gunasekaran said,” Please do it, and also devise a plan for our trip”

Seenu said,”Ok, I will do it”

The Picnic mood was oscillating between the families of Seenu and Gunasekaran.

As promised, Gunasekaran took his children and his wife to Chidambaram on that Friday.

Seenu had arranged a luxurious room in Chidambaram for their stay.

Chapter 3: The Saturday

On a Saturday morning, Seenu came in an Ambassador car to the

Hotel where Gunasekaran family was staying.

They had their breakfast together at the same hotel.

Seenu said,” We will visit Swamimalai temple and other places”

Gunasekaran said,”Oh! that would be a good idea”

After completing their breakfast, they started from the Hotel by 10 O clock.

On the way, they visited Sirkazhi and Vaitheeswaran temple.

When they left Vaitheeswaran temple, it was around 11.45 a.m.

It was around 12 O clock, and they were at a few kilometres before mayiladuthurai.

The road got deserted and no vehicle was travelling in the front and back of Seenu’s cab.

The driver thought of picking up speed. Hence he accelerated the vehicle’s speed.

Before 100 meters to them, stood a Tamarind tree. A Fishmonger was standing with his bicycle under the tree.

All of a sudden, he came pedalling his cycle into the lane of the road.

On seeing this, the car driver applied a sudden brake.

The fishmonger rubbed himself with the car and fell on the road.
The Car also stopped. Seenu’s head dashed on the rear-view mirror and blood splashed everywhere.

The Fishmonger got injured in his legs.

Everybody in the car shouted and there was a lot of bamboozlement.

After 3 minutes, everybody got clarity.

Nothing happened except to Seenu and the Fishmonger.

Gunasekaran and Hari got out of the car and took the fishmonger into the car.

Gunasekaran said, “Driver, please take them to Myladuthurai hospital, we will come by bus”

Driver said,”Ok sir”

The car moved away, leaving Gunasekaran and Hari behind on the road.

Gunasekaran said to hari,”See, a careless Fishmonger spoiled our picnic “
Hari said,”mmm…yes dad”
Gunasekaran sighed,”Hmmm…!!! Oh God”

After Treating Seenu in Mayiladuthurai hospital, Gunasekaran brought them back to Chidambaram.

They stayed at Chidambaram on Sunday and returned home on Sunday night.

Chapter 4: The Fishmonger’s Home

It was Monday morning; the fishmonger was resting in his home.

His cell phone rang.

He answered the call, “Hello”

The other end said, “Hello Ramasamy”

Ramasamy said, “Hello Sharath sir”

Sharath said, “You executed the plan well, Thank you”

Ramasamy said, “You gave me money sir, I did it”

Sharath said,” Oh money is not a problem man”

Ramasamy said, “Then what sir?”

Sharath said,” I don’t like the friendship between Seenu and Gunasekaran”

Ramasamy said,”Oh! I see”

Sharath said, “If they start moving like this, then they will turn into in-laws in the future”

Ramasamy said, “Sir, you are a genius”

Sharath said,” Now, due to this accident, they will think before arranging the next meet”

Ramasamy said, “Extraordinary sir”

Sharath said, “By the way don’t let my name out to anybody”

Ramasamy said,” I won’t tell sir”

Sharath said,”mmm…that is good, you are just a fishmonger to the society”