It was the last day of our trek, singing and dancing around the bonfire, everyone enjoyed to their fullest. Everyone…?

Since day one I noticed this introvert, naïve boy; spreading out his ragged piles of sketches, sipping his coffee, as if its some intoxication for him. Mostly he kept very much to himself, he seemed furtive, lost in his own world. I peeked into his sketches. Damn! those ragged papers were worth appreciation! “Its amazing!” , I said. He just stared, maybe he didn’t like my interruption to his “meditation”. 

“Hi, I’m Samruddhi. I have never seen you before in the previous treks. Are you newbie to the club?” ,I asked.

“Yes, I joined the club recently.” , he replied coldly.

I felt him getting uncomfortable with my presence and wanting me to  leave . I was about to turn back when he hesitantly said, ” You can check out other sketches if you want to. ” He passed me his journal , the old, furtive face, now had a warm welcoming smile.

“My name is Rugved. I recently moved to the town and barely know anyone here, had lots of spare time so thought of joining this club. How long have you been part  of this?” he asked, now he seemed quite composed.

“Probably 9-10 years .” I replied.

He seemed surprised ,”So you love trekking?” “No, I love mountains .” My quick response to his interrogation had us both smiling. “Me too”. he added, and for some unknown reason, I could feel the spark in his eyes, they had so much to say, a tale to tell!

“My days seemed mild, and outdoors often inviting. The expanse of mountains, the grace and strength of trees, and the sky that seems like a sweep smooth painting of The Lord!” I was totally enchanted by his poetic words, “Nature seems my only companion in this uncertain world.” He continued , ” It keeps loving me selflessly, even when I have nothing to give it back.”

I was deeply moved by his words , there was something different about this guy, I could go on listening to him, just then we heard the dinner bell. We shared a glance, neither of us wanted to leave . I sat there watching the moon. “You aren’t leaving for lunch?” , he asked. “I wish to stay back and watch the moon ,” I replied “Your coffee mug’s empty, care to fill  it back? or offer some?” 

He had a warm smile on his face again . He offered me the cup saying , “They say befriend people who love the moon, for they know how to love you even when you ain’t full.” 


    1. Misba Sayeed


      “The first conversation ” is a heartwarming tale that beautifully captures the essence of unexpected connections and the magic of shared passions. The story unfolds during a trekking adventure, where the protagonist, Samruddhi, stumbles upon Rugved, an introverted artist immersed in his sketches. The initial encounter is marked by a hint of hesitation and curiosity, but soon evolves into a delightful exchange that deepens their connection.

      The author skillfully portrays the characters’ personalities and emotions, allowing readers to empathize with their journey. Samruddhi’s genuine interest in Rugved’s artwork opens the door to a friendship that blossoms amidst their shared love for nature and mountains. Rugved’s poetic expressions and his profound appreciation for the natural world lend an enchanting touch to the story.

      The narrative flows smoothly, capturing the reader’s attention from the very beginning. The conversations between Samruddhi and Rugved are engaging, drawing the reader into their growing connection. Through their dialogue, the author explores themes of solitude, finding solace in nature, and the power of genuine companionship.

      The story’s climax, where Samruddhi chooses to stay behind and enjoy the moonlight while Rugved kindly offers her his coffee cup, is a poignant moment that encapsulates their developing bond. Rugved’s thoughtful remark about befriending those who love the moon adds depth and reveals his capacity for understanding and empathy.

      Overall, “A Serendipitous Connection Under the Moonlight” is a delightful and evocative tale that reminds us of the magic of human connections and the beauty of appreciating nature’s wonders. It leaves readers with a warm and nostalgic feeling, urging them to cherish the moments and connections .