At last night she bought a painting shows to her dad he says ”One day my daughter buys a painting and its today” you did it Stella, with your talent and hard work you get, that’s my girl he felt happy and she spends some good time interacting with her dad and she goes to sleep. The sun raised, she wakes up and gets  ready ,she ate 2 slices of sandwich and went to cafe and started serving the food for the customers and before night 2 people reserved the table no.7 they arrived to the cafe one was a tall lady with messy hair , she came here  to deal the business proposal, the other person didn’t yet come so Ms Jones gets irritated she waited for an hour the  proposal has delayed. At back of her the  person addressed her by name and he said ‘sorry’ for the delay, she answered that you have to pay back !! lets start the deal, he explained about the deal and Ms Jones accepts the deal, successfully they completed the meeting he left. Noah came to pick  Ms Jones. he entered to cafe and went near her, She told brother! they were busy in chatting for some time, while returning from cafe he saw a girl ‘who has big eyes’ [Stella] and she is Stunning .His looks deep into her, she saw him those big eyes .Ms Jones and Noah sat in car ,he smiled looking at those crazy eyes, they left . At the night he went to dinner with his best friends [Scott and Amelia] . He shared that incident with them. Amelia told from teenage you are far away from  love. Atleast now you can love a girl and be with her. Noah told I think she is one. The whole night he had her in his eyes , and the next day he went to the cafe to talk to her. She was no where, He is  still on searching for her , at the table no. 20 he found her. Noah stepped towards her ,she is serving the food  for customers. Then he took 1 step backward and he came closer and grabs her waist towards him and he beautifully plants a kiss her on the cheek , she blinks her eyes and instantly black SKODA CAR arrived, from the car a person in black suit, he comes closer to her and takes her into the car..


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    “A Twist of Fate and Mysterious Disappearance” takes readers on an intriguing journey filled with unexpected events and budding romance. The story begins with Stella, a talented and hardworking individual, who purchases a painting, bringing joy to her father. The initial scenes beautifully capture the bond between Stella and her father, setting a heartwarming tone.

    As the narrative unfolds, we are introduced to a range of characters, each playing a unique role in the story. Ms Jones, the protagonist’s co-worker, experiences a mix of frustration and anticipation while awaiting an important business proposal. The sudden arrival of an individual who apologizes for the delay adds an element of intrigue, paving the way for an exciting turn of events.

    Noah, the brother of Ms Jones, enters the scene and sparks fly when he encounters Stella, a captivating young woman with big eyes. The connection between Noah and Stella is palpable, leaving readers rooting for their potential love story. However, just as their paths seem to intertwine, an unforeseen development occurs. A person in a black suit abruptly arrives, snatching Stella away and leaving Noah bewildered.

    The author effectively creates suspense and leaves readers craving more answers. This abrupt twist adds an air of mystery to the story, leaving us with questions about the motives behind Stella’s sudden disappearance and the identity of the person in the black suit.

    The writing style is engaging and the pacing of the story keeps readers invested throughout. However, the narrative would benefit from further development and clarification, as some elements feel rushed or require more context. Additionally, it would be helpful to delve deeper into the emotions and motivations of the characters, allowing readers to form stronger connections with them.

    Despite these minor shortcomings, “A Twist of Fate and Mysterious Disappearance” holds great potential. It combines elements of romance, suspense, and mystery, keeping readers on their toes and yearning for the next chapter. The story leaves plenty of room for further exploration and development, promising an exciting continuation that will captivate readers and provide answers to the many intriguing questions raised.

    Overall, “A Twist of Fate and Mysterious Disappearance” offers an entertaining read with a promising premise. It showcases the author’s ability to create engaging scenarios and leaves readers eagerly awaiting the next installment in this captivating tale.