Life is all about co-incidences. Fate makes its way and designs the pages of our lives to create beautiful chapters. These chapters involve many new and old people, some leave while some stay, carving their way into our hearts. This story is about two cute people and how they slowly fall in love. But as real love stories don’t have an end, so does this one.


He was a just a boy in her college,

And she was just a girl in his college,

Life was going on when one day fate,

Brought them to a turn in its wake.

She packed her bags in quite a hurry,

Assignments, exams – there was so much to worry.

It had grown dark, the sun had set in the west,

She had to run, there was no time to rest.

She bounded down the stairs and through the corridor,

Her mind and her heart constantly at war –

Deciding whether to wait and see if he was still there,

The one who had stolen her heart with his heart so fair.

But she determinedly walked on towards the gate,

Controlling her emotions coz she couldn’t afford to get late.

And she realized the city was stuck in a rainstorm

And she had nothing with her that could keep her warm.

She just stared into the rain and cursed her fate,

And that’s when she saw the familiar face at the gate.

She looked up at him and didn’t know what to think,

But he smiled at her and gave her a wink.

She blushed pink and shyly she smiled,

And her eyes twinkled with the innocence like a child’s.

‘Strange rains’ he said in his sweet gentle voice,

She just looked at him and forgot her control and her poise.

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘so untimely this rain!’

He asked, ‘Should I drop you, my car is just down the lane?’

She looked into his eyes and her heart missed a beat,

But then she thought that’s how every girl he would treat.

‘That would be great!’ she finally managed to say;

And then she saw that they had no umbrella they could share.

Without a word, he took out his jacket

And wrapped it around her like something preciously delicate.

‘Oh, you don’t have to do this, you’ll get a cold.’

‘I’m a strong man, and for the rains, too bold.’

‘But this is a storm, not just a drizzle.’

He ignored the comment and rubbed his short dark stubble.

She noticed the intensity in his blue eyes that had the depth of an ocean –

That made her want to trust him and want them to be one.

But she knew that it was next to impossible,

He was Mr. Popular and she had an existence too subtle.

And still her childish, immature heart yearned;

In high hopes, her craving soul burned.

That one day in her eyes, he would see –

The amazing future that they could be.

But till that day, she will just have to wait,

Until he realizes she’s his true soul mate.

‘Should I bring here the car or shall we walk?’

‘We should walk’ she said holding his eyes in a lock.

He quietly pulled the door and stepped aside –

To let her pass into the darkness outside.

A little scared, she stepped out, but kept looking behind,

But he was right there by her side.

She smiled and he returned the smile as they stepped into the storm,

And her wandering mind tried to decide whether this feeling was right or wrong.

Holding her elbows in her hands, unashamedly she shivered;

He put his arm around her and in his arms she quivered.

And through the dark streets they walked in a comfortable silence,

Just listening to the downpour and smelling the wet mud’s essence.

As they reached the car, he opened the door,

And she quickly settled in thanking God they had to walk no more.

As he hopped in from the other side, she loudly exclaimed,

‘My God! You are soaked, and I’m the one to be blamed.’

‘It’s okay, I’m fine’ he said revving up the car,

And they rode below the devilish sky without a single star.

Then the quiet silence started cribbing at her heart,

But they had nothing common for a conversation to start.

‘So, how is your MBA planning going, Emma?’ he suddenly spoke.

‘Going good, yes fine’ she replied while her voice broke.

She looked out the window surprised he knew,

But she concluded it was just a quick news that flew.

‘So what have you planned for your post-graduation?’

He laughed, ‘Well first I need to pass without humiliation.’

That’s when they shared their first hearty laugh,

And then her home became visible just a few blocks away,

She turned to him but didn’t know what to say.

‘You don’t need to thank me, it was a pleasure riding with you.’

She looked into his eyes and there sure was genuinity and truth.
‘Friends?’ he asked, offering his hand.

She took it and smiled but her heart couldn’t stand.

It went racing hard and she just hoped he didn’t notice –

How every time he looked at her, a beat she missed.

‘You are not like the other girls and that’s what makes you extraordinary.

Stay like this, never change, your identity – never bury.’

She blushed and stepped outside into the rain,

And wondered why her heart suddenly pained.

Maybe because she knew he was just a friend and nothing more.

But with his kind care, her heart he had scored.

She walked inside and that night before saying amen,

She wished that that day, God would play it again.

But then she thought to herself that he was Mr. Cool

And someone on whom every girl would drool.

And she had no chance against the Ms. Populars,

Who were always the centre of all controversial rumours?

Little did she know that that super cool guy –

Was just pretending to be not so shy while was actually shy.

In fact just like her, with an extraordinary talent,

To make others smile, his smile he lent.

And so they could never tell each other how much they loved,

And how much ever they yearned, they could never have showed.

But time has its own heart and it plays its game –

Who knew that carved somewhere was together their name?

Till then they will just have to wait with hopes alight,

And their hopes will bring them a future bright.