In a small village nestled among rolling green hills, there lived a young girl named Lily. She possessed a creative mind and a fervent love for storytelling. Every day, Lily would immerse herself in books, drawing inspiration from the tales that captured her imagination.

One day, Lily stumbled upon a story that touched her deeply. Its words resonated within her, and she felt an undeniable urge to share it with the world. Ignoring the voice of conscience that whispered caution, Lily decided to present the story as her own creation.

As she shared the story with her classmates and teachers, they praised her for her seemingly exceptional talent. Lily reveled in the attention, basking in the admiration she received. However, a shadow of guilt began to loom over her heart, tarnishing the joy she had initially felt.

Meanwhile, a wise old storyteller named Mr. Alden had been following Lily’s journey. He had heard whispers of her remarkable storytelling prowess and decided to pay her a visit. With his silver beard and eyes full of wisdom, Mr. Alden possessed an innate understanding of the power of stories.

Upon meeting Lily, Mr. Alden smiled kindly, sensing the weight of her conscience. He engaged her in conversation, encouraging her to share her creative process and inspirations. Lily hesitated, her guilt bubbling to the surface.

With gentle words, Mr. Alden guided Lily toward the path of truth. He explained that stories were gifts from the universe, waiting to be discovered by those willing to listen. However, claiming someone else’s creation as her own was akin to stealing that gift, denying its true author the recognition they deserved.

Lily’s eyes welled with tears as she realized the gravity of her actions. She admitted her mistake, tearfully recounting the story’s true origins. Mr. Alden listened patiently, his presence calming her troubled heart.

After hearing Lily’s confession, Mr. Alden shared a tale of his own. It was a story of redemption and the power of second chances. He emphasized the importance of honesty and integrity, and the lessons learned from one’s mistakes.

Inspired by Mr. Alden’s wisdom, Lily resolved to make amends for her actions. She apologized to her classmates and teachers, admitting her plagiarism and acknowledging the true author of the story she had presented as her own. She learned that true greatness lies not in stealing others’ work but in embracing one’s unique voice and sharing stories that spring from the depths of one’s own imagination.

As time passed, Lily worked tirelessly to cultivate her own storytelling abilities, nurturing her creativity and channeling her passion into original tales that captivated listeners. She became known as a storyteller with integrity, her stories resonating with honesty and authenticity.

The village celebrated Lily’s transformation, recognizing her as a shining example of personal growth and ethical conduct. From that day forward, Lily carried the echo of honesty in her heart, a reminder of the power of truth and the importance of respecting the creative endeavors of others.

And so, the village of storytellers embraced the notion that true greatness lies not in taking credit for the creations of others, but in allowing one’s own voice to flourish, creating a symphony of originality and integrity that would resound through the ages.


  1. Ashmal Ch

    As the name of this mini story suggests this is an ‘echo of honesty’ of young girl lily. In this storyline author drawing attention to the importance of nurturing moral values in the young age itself. There is a saying, sometimes god is angry to people do good things and favourable with sinful people. Why? Someone who do good things and he became self gratitude and arrogant about that, he self harming. But someone who did a sin and became guilty about that, he is more favourable to god. In this storyline author attracts our attention to don’t take anything from anyone that God gifted them. God blesses everyone differently and with various blessings. Author concludes that use your gift that God given to you. An overall rating of the story is 4/5.