The sun was shining bright. The sky was completely filled with turquoise shade. The birds were chirping. The people were inside their house. The summer has approached and today was Wednesday. It was a lovely summer morning Gopi and I was trying to solve a crossword puzzle in its newspaper. “Have you seen this?” Said Gopi suddenly, pointing to a report, “Star Diamond on display today.

” I suggested that we go and see the “Star Diamond.”

We went to the museum next day and took a look at the priceless gem I noticed that the diamond was not sparkling. I recalled that, about week ago, I had read Sir Conan Doyle’s, Sherlock Holmes. One of the stories had said that diamonds without sparkle were always faked. Was this one a fake or was it just my imagination?

On the following day, the newspaper headline said, “Star diamond stolen!”

I went to the museum straightaway but was go inside because the police experts were searching for clues. The next day there was a report in the paper was about a person called Anuj Srivastava, who claimed that he had found the Star Diamond in an gutter. This mystery was getting more and more complicated. It was while having dinner that I had a plan to catch the thieves.

I went to the police station next morning and told the chief inspector my plan. “Star Diamond” back on display! I rushed immediately to the police station and then went with the police officers to the museum.

“All’s going well. It’s a good thing we came here early. Otherwise, the thieves may have run off with the diamond.” Said the Chief Inspector, as we entered the room where the diamond was kept. Two other men had also come early, we noticed.

Suddenly, smoke filled the room. That was something the thieves had not expected! They did not know that the moment the Star Diamond was lifted, the doors of the room closed automatically. When the smoke cleared, we saw one of the strange men chasing the other. When they caught and searched, the Star Diamond was found on one of them.

Later, the press reporters asked me how to know who stole the diamond. I got to know who stole the diamond. I gave them the whole story. I told them about the plot that I had guessed. There are actually two gangs after first one stole the diamond and left a fake in its place so that nobody would know.

The second gang stole the fake diamond thinking it was the real one. When they found out that it was a fake they threw it into a gutter and that was the diamond Anuj Srivastava found.

When the gangs saw the misleading article in the newspaper saying that the diamond had been recovered, they each sent a spy to steal the diamond. That is how the two thieves in the museum were caught.

After a week or so, all the gang members caught and I received a reward, I am looking forward to more mysteries like this I hope I solve them.