Aditi a 2nd year college girl was getting ready to go to her best friend Priya’s birthday party.It was late in the evening, around, 7pm. Aditi had to go to a club for her friend’s birthday away from her house.When she was getting ready for the party her afther was asking her not to go that late. And she was,

ADITI-Dad, please I would be going with her,don’t worry. (She said this by putting her maskara down and holding lipstick in another hand)

DAD-Aditi,please beta,try to understand,this is Delhi,City of Criminals.Everyday we get to hear some or the other news of theft ,murder ,rape.How can I allow you go out with your friends in a cafe this late.Ask your friend to celebrate tomorrow in the morning.

MOM-Aditi, your father is absolutely right.You are going to gurgaon.It is not a safe place at night.Please listen to what your dad says to you.

ADITI-Mom Dad,please,Relax!! I am not a kid now. I am not dependent on anyone. Please try to understand every one from my class would be coming and moreover its my best friend’s birthday. Try to understand my situation too. What would my peer group say when i won’t be there for my best friend’s birthday ? Tell me?

DAD-Aditi we could only guide you. You have to understand and take your own decisions. we just want that you be safe and be happy always.

MOM- yess sweety, your dad is right. Make the fair decision about your life.Because your each and every decision would also effect us. Later you would be the only one,coming and crying asking for help,if stuck in any situation.Don’t come to us after that!

DAD- Shh!! Madhuri. Why are you even saying that. She is my brave girl.Aditi, all i want is you be safe and take your decisions calmly. Don’t talk to unknown people ,carry your own water bottle and yes please don’t argue with anyone. alright?

ADITI- Yes dad, be satisfied with it.I ‘ll be absolutely fine. Thanks dad for your concern.

MOM- Concern is what we could only do my child, else,you do not even listen to what we say,and ask you to do.

DAD-Its ok.. let her go. Go carefully.

ADITI-Thanks dad,i will. 😉 Bye dad bye mooooommm.. !! See you guyz soon.!

Aditi left the house at 7:30pm and reached her friend’s birthday party in a club in gurgaon.

She was extremly excited.

PRIYA-Hey!! I had completely dropped out the hope that you’ll even come. Thanks my gurl.

ADITI-Hey! Baby,why won’t I be here,its your birthday. By the way, Happy Birthday my love? Here is this for you(Aditi handed over the gift to her friend)

PRIYA-Thanks a lot love;)) Come i’ll introduce you to all my friends.

Ok she is Neha , Pooja, Aasha, Kartik, and Prerna. And he is kartik’s friend, Rohan.

ADITI-Hello people!


AASHA-Hey Aditi you really look hot. huahhnn.. !Hahahaha.

ADITI-Thanks yrr.. its just I was born hot!! ;*


KARTIK- C’mon everyone, lets hear it for Priya.


PRIYA-So Aditi, what was the excuse you made to your parents about coming here?

ADITI-No excuse Baby.Dad is kinda really understanding,and Mom,she was a bit annoyed but Dad managed her. I just said,its your birthday and i have to go. Its just i had said them everyone from our class is coming. Tho i felt bad that i lied, because they were also correct by their sense also.It is’nt safe here in Gurgaon after 8 !!Soo.. but thats ok.. anything for you.

PRIYA-Thanku thanku guruji. Hahahaha!!

After an hour of completely enjoying and dancing,Aditi noticed that Kartik’s friend,Rohan was staring at Aditi,from the beginning of the party.

ADITI-Priya?Had you know this guy earlier?

PRIYA-Nooo not really,i mean i have heard a lot about him from kartik but have never met him.. Why ,what happened?

ADITI-Hmm.. Leave nothing, its just he has been staring at me from the starting of the party. Bloody creepy guy!

PRIYA-Ohh I don’t know that. Let enjoy!Leave what others do.

After next half and hour, everyone started leaving except Kartik, Priya,Rohan and Aditi. It was around 9:45 pm.

KARTIK-I guess you should go now,its very late!(,Kartik showed his concern towards Aditi)

ADITI-Yeah! I’ll just book the cab first. (Aditi was still feeling uncomfortable as Rohan was continously staring at her)

ADITI-Ok now i should leave, bye Priya,Happy birthday once again love.

PRIYA-Thank you so much yr. Go safetly. Bye

KARTIK-bye sweety. ;*

ADITI-Bye (Aditi completely ignored Rohan and did not even said bye to him)

Aditi booked the ola cab and she was told that the cab would reach the bus stand near the club. She decided to walk to the bus stand. While she was moving she found that the road was completely empty. No one was there on the road. She felt a little awkward.And then suddenly she got a call from her dad.Because of a sudden call she did’nt noticed the stone coming under her legs and she fell down.

ADITI-Auuchhh!! I should better pick the phone or else dad would be worried.

DAD-Aditi, where are you?Have you left, should i come and pick you up?

ADITI-Dad, dad don’t worry, i have booked the cab and it would be their any moment.Don’t worry. (Aditi said this by rubbing her arms which got some dust when she had fallen down.She also tried to hold every thing in her one hand as her other hand was busy holding the cell phone)

DAD-Ohh Aditi. i am your father i have the right to be worried. Make sure you message the complete details of the driver and be connected with me through phone. ok?

ADITI-Ok dad i will.

Suddenly she heard some mummering from behind. She got scared.She immedietly disconnected the phone, but was worried to turn and check who was there behind her. She just putted her hand down inside her purse and pulled out the pepper spray and turned immedietly.

ADITI-Whose this?(,She was just about to press the pepper spray when)

ROHAN-No no no wait, its your purse which dropped down when you fell down. Sorry I had no other intention . Please.

Aditi noticed that it was Rohan, Kartik’s friend.

ADITI-Oh you, Rohan. Thanks for the wallet.I am sorry i was trying to.. (Rohan stopped Aditi to speak in between)

ROHAN-No, not your fault. its good that you tried to take some action and moreover you are brave and alert enough to think. I am glad that girls are becoming more active and are not just dependent, spoilled brats.

ADITI-Yeah thanks! I am sorry i just thought… by the way, why were you staring at me in the party?Honestly that was very irritating.

ROHAN-Sorry for that, but honestly you looked like my younger sister,Shreya,She was of your same age,but now, she is no more..

ADITI-Ohh i am so sorry.

ROHAN-Aditi, being a girl you should not have came here alone,you should have thought of what could be the consequence of your freedom,which you want to enjoy. My sister, she always wanted this freedom,but in a car accident she died,as she was driving drunk on such late night streets.I was worried about you, like an elder brother.I wanted you to be safe. I am not saying that you should not party with your friends,you should,but at some safer places and atleast should go out with someone .

ADITI-I am so sorry Rohan. I would make sure to be safe and won’t party like this that late.

ROHAN-thanks for understanding. I could just request you,accepting the request is one individuals priority.

ADITI-Yeah but i understand what you say. Thanks.

ROHAN-Come,i’ll drop you home. Actually Kartik had said me that you live near Punjabi bagh,and even I reside near the place.Come along with me.And don’t worry , i safetly drop you at your place.

ADITI-Hahahah sure, thankyou.

Rohan dropped Aditi at her place,safe and sound.

She felt bad about what she thought about Rohan and also considered what he said to her.She realised that she should not have lied to her parents and should have respected their words before only.

She narrated the entire story to her Dad,and asked him to excuse her.

She even promised herself not to lie again and not be that quick to judge anyone.



It is a messege to all the girls that your safety is in your hand. If you want to be safe and sound try to take fair decisions. Listen to what your loved ones say. Don’t judge people according to their looks .Try to understand what the person is doing. If his actions are not worth looking then don’t even bear that.Be wise to yourself.

And of course, every men is not a culprit!! Start judging and deciding your best.