There was once a city that was taken over by a group of atheists after a huge conflict that had resulted in a great loss. The people were terrified by looking at how everything around them was going out of their hands right in front of their eyes. The kids were traumatized. Everyone was worried even just thinking how their next day could be. 

On the other hand, all the atheists who caused all these horrors to the people in the city have already gotten started with their missions. They had a Mayor, who along with his wife took care of all their missions by assigning them to all the others in the group. Their first mission was to find the details of the priests in the city, find them, and kill them.

All the people were so terrified, that they didn’t dare to allow priests to stay hidden when they were searching for shelters. The families of these priests were taken hostages to blackmail them to bring everyone out of their hiding. Many priests surrendered themselves to protect their families. 

As this trick didn’t work for all the people, they wanted to plan something different that is more effective. So they paused all their actions and waited for everything to cool off. They started pretending to have changed and are going to work for the good of the people. One morning, all of a sudden, the Mayor’s wife announced the Mayor is no more. Everyone was in shock. It was announced that he had a heart attack and they couldn’t save him. 

She finally announced that they have stopped searching for priests to kill them. Now she sends a message that requested the priests to come back as her husband’s final rites were to be performed.  So when the priests received the message none of them believed it. They thought it to be a trap. But one of them refused to stay back as he thought there was a chance this could be true. So he went out of his hiding.

As soon as he reached the Mayor’s house, he was escorted to the inside by one of their men. Later he touched the Mayor’s cold body and the priest told the Mayor’s wife it’s been 5 hours since he has died. The Mayor’s wife laughed and pointed a gun at him and told “Everything went according to my plan. Finally, you’re trapped. I want the location where all the other priests are hiding. If you refuse, I’ll cut your children’s and wife’s veins and I’ll let you watch them suffer and die.” But the priest told ” No ma’am, your husband is dead. His body has turned cold.” She was not able to believe him. So she went to wake up her husband by herself telling “We did it! Please wake up. We found one of the priests!! We can get everybody now! It’s all over. Get up now!!”. 

But he didn’t wake up. It was true he was dead. All the time when people paid their last visit to him, it truly was their last visit to him. All this time they thought he was playing, while he was dead. But no one knew. All this time when he was dead, they were happily waiting to catch the priests but their deception had turned into a reality. The wife grieved her husband’s death. It seemed like she was paying for all the pain she caused the people, but there was nothing could do about it. Her deception had already turned into reality at the cost of her husband’s life.