Lily was a small town girl from Maryland. She would always go on for long walks to connect herself with the nature. Everyday she would take a stroll around her neighbourhood, admiring the trees, the birds and the flowers which were blooming. She loved how the nature would bring her a peace of mind. 

One day, Lily noticed that the leaves of the trees changed colour. She realized that soon the fall will arrive and the summer will fade away. She realized how our life is also a phase of changing seasons. Our life is never the same throughout the time. The people she had met, the places she had gone were all a part of the circle of her life.

She realized that it was important to appreciate each and every moment of her life, She should always be grateful for the people who have been by her side. She learnt to appreciate and find joy in the little things in life and live in the present moment. Life is a gift from the Universe and it should not be just merely survived but lived.

As Lily continued to walk, she felt a sense of peace and contentment. She knew that she could not stop the passing of time, but she could live every moment of it, 

Lily realized that our life is precious and fleeting and it is important to be grateful for every moment and person who comes to our life. Whether we are enjoying the warm days of summer or the spring days of all, we should make the most of our life and cherish the people and experiences that make life worth living. 

We have a life, so let us all live it being a happy child of God. Let us all be kind and helpful with one another. We receive what we give. Treating people with kindness would bring us joy and happiness. The circle of life is full of phases and we should enjoy every part of it.


  1. Mehak Verma

    The story conveys a lovely message to all and helps to change the perception towards life. The idea and thought of this story is lovely but the execution seems a bit off. There are certain mistakes like overuse of articles and wrong use of punctuation. Although this is a short story, still it needs a few more incidents or emotions expressed rather than just jumping onto realization.

  2. Pearl Bipin

    The story emphasizes living in the present, being grateful, and cherishing the little but precious moments in life. However, there are a few areas in which this story can improve. The story can benefit from the further development of the protagonist Lily, adding more details and experiences would make the story more engaging. Instead of directly stating Lily’s realizations, consider showing them through specific actions or conversations which would make the story more interesting. Overall it is a short and sweet story but I would recommend adding some more depth to the story.

  3. Himanshi Singh

    This story conveys a strong message in life that we must be thankful to everything which we get. It doesn’t matter the things are small or big. From lily we can learn how to appreciate little things in our surrounding. The chirping of birds, whirling of water, kittens, puppies, seeing all things will bring happiness doesn’t matter how much sadness and difficulties we are going through. This is what the life is. It is just like a roller coaster. Death is the truth of life that is inescapable . The person who has come has to go one day so why not we live it to the fullest. Don’t cry for the one which has gone, live the life with the ones you have now. It is just a cycle which will repeat again and again.