Millions and millions of year ago there was a dinosaur called Bighorns who had a long neck, short body, a long tail and a pair of wings. He was very tall. You know, he came from space, so he was special. But the most important thing to say about him is that he had an ugly face and body but a, very nice and kind heart.

Bighorn was a dinosaur who didn’t know that he was going to live the most exciting adventure you could ever imagine. The story started when Bighorns came out of his egg and realized he was in the water but … there was a big problem. He could not float and he did not know what to do. He even doesn’t know how to swim. Just after he was born it looked like that he was going to die because he was in the water and wasn’t able to swim. He got so much scared that he lost all his hopes to move forward. He gave up.

Fortunately, he saw a wrecked ship near him so he decided to go and live there. Now he had some base and shelter with him so that he could relax more and now at this time, he doesn’t have to worry about because he was not in water. Everything went alright until he was hungry. He had to go out to look for some food.

When he jumped out of the ship he saw lots of dinosaurs playing together. Bighorn was sad because he wanted to play with them but he was too shy to ask. He used to play alone always. No one talked to him because he was so giant. Everyone was afraid of him. They all thought that he should kill them or he would create a nuisance among the children. So bighorn decided to live all by himself. He was so shy. He searched for the food all by himself. He would play games or visit different places all alone.

The other dinosaurs did not want Bighorns to play with them because he was different. Bighorn everytime tried to the group of children playing but they would ignore him and he would always be lying in a corner.

Bighorn’s parents died in an calamity. He was not at all happy anymore. His all happiness vanished. His life began to be dull and boring. He was struck because he had no one to share his feelings. He had no one to play. He had no one to have

Bighorns went sadly back to the wrecked ship but … Wait! He suddenly saw a beautiful girl Dinosaur sunbathing near the ship He silently slowly towards her He was really happy when he realized that she was … from space like him!! They would play together, dance together, bathe together and had all the fun together.

They immediately fell in love with each other, and lived together, happily, for the rest of their lives.

Someone told me that sometimes you hear two voices talking, laughing and singing in the sky, you can be sure that is Bighorns and his wife remembering the fantastic moment when they met.