Teenage is the age in which they are always right anyone else cannot be right infront of there eyes . But as we know that in this age we take decisions in haste and in this age a very big question that in which stream they should take addmission in Class 9th or 11th.

 I want to share one inspiring story on teenage. There was one happy middle class family living in Lucknow , in that family there was Father, Mother, one daughter and one son. Daughter name was Soni and son name was Ayush . Ayush was in  ninth standard and confused with subjects to opt that either he should take science or commerce as subject. With time he started to become a quite child, think the child who never misses to tease anyone or prank anyone always been happy, started being quite and sad . This was noticed by his sister Soni who was doing her graduation with science. Soni discussed about Ayush to there parents that if they know anything but mother said ” No Soni we don’t know anything I thought you must be knowing it he shares everything with you.” Soni replied ” No mom this time I also don’t know anything , but you don’t worry I know how to spill the beans.” She left from there and started thinking that how should she know the problem of his small brother, while thinking she reached outside his room and overheard his talk with his friend on call and came to know the issue she left from there to solve his problem. In evening Soni was crying in balcony which is next to Ayush room , he was in deep thought which was broken by his sister sobs , he head towards balcony to know what is bothering her. Ayush said” What happened sister why are you crying so much?” Soni replied ” Brother I don’t know what should I do in future I want to continue doing Postgraduate with science only but my all friends are going to do MBA tell me what should I do .” Ayush after thinking said” Sister you should do things which your heart wish to do just because your friends are choosing some other course you shouldn’t kill your wishes.” Soni smiles and reply ” Then why are you choosing commerce ” after listening his sister he got to know that he should choose subject as per his choice not for friends.