Once Upon a time two travelers from USA (Chris and Ethan) decided to explore Pitcairn Island between New Zealand and Peru via boat. They both were famous explorers of their times and had similar adventurous trips in past.

They kicked off their journey on Sunny morning and they know that this will be a very long and menacing journey as they must sail over Pacific Ocean which is the largest Ocean and least explored. Initial 3 days were quite steady, and they were sailing as per their plan. However, they know that it was a Silence before the Storm and very soon they will face the music from Ocean. As expected on the 4th day of their journey, they have encountered a strong cyclone over Pacific Ocean. They tried to avoid the same by changing their route, however the cyclone was too fast and taken them by surprise. The size of the waves was enormous and very threatening. They know that this is just a beginning and more such encounters will be there in the Ocean. The were already prepared for the same and were sure that if they go against the waves, it will destruct the ship. Hence, they went with the waves and were praying that they should not be move too much from their path. The storm was there close to 4 hours and it has caused a damage to their ship and navigation system. Also, they have lost quiet amount of food supplies which was worrisome for them. The deck was smashed too but was manageable. They were able to cover the holes of the boat but still lot of work needs to be done. Adding to their problem they were not getting any response on their Mayday calls. That night was endless and dreadful. Somehow, they were able to pass that day, however for sure they were lost track from their original plan. As the navigation system was damaged and radio not working, so they need to plan their journey with the help of Hand compass and Map. They were able to draw out that they are now near to India ocean from their knowledge. As they cannot move back to their original destination and need assistance, so they thought of finding a nearby Island on India ocean for support. On the map they see that Sri Lanka is the nearest island and they started sailing towards the same. As they were moving forward there was another storm picked up in Indian ocean and they were no option other than to face it. They prayed to God to save them and luckily the storm was not that intense. By the time the storm was over, it was night, and they see that their ship is stuck with series of rocks. They both decided to take rest overnight and to look in the morning the same.

In morning they were amazed to see that they were in the middle of Ocean, and there were series of stones which were floating on water. It almost looked like a stone bridge floating on Ocean which was nowhere mentioned in the Map and any navigation system. On closer inspection they noticed inscriptions on it and even though it was in ocean water, but all were intact.

They both started following the same and soon they were able to see a land and fishermen. They reached the shore and came to know that they are in Sri Lanka. On enquiring about this bridge, they came to know that this bridge is connecting Rameswaram in India to Sri Lanka and this is the one which was build by Lord Ram to reach Sri Lanka to fight with Ravana who has abducted Ram’s wife Sita. They were literally spell bound with this finding and thanked God.