Robin is a boy who has filled his mind with many dreams like others dream of achieving something in their life. He was very concerned about his family and his life. He was from a middle-class family. His parents were very conscious about him; along with two sisters, Robin was the only son. He was younger than his sisters; they always cared for him when he was a small child. His mother was still strict about studies; though she was not educated, she knew the importance of education. Her children also got educated. After the marriage of his sisters, Robin was only left, he was not yet settled in his life, so he continued, after completion of graduation he started preparing for government jobs, his father was also a government official, He was very dedicated for his preparation for the exams, so finally he has given the exams, Robin’s life was smoothly going, but sometimes everything which is meant to happen will happen at any cost, Robin’s father met with an accident. His left leg and backbone got fractured, here is the time which changed his life, no one could take care of his father, his mother health was also not well those days, so he started taking care of his father and mother, he did everything, that was a time where there was a financial crisis in the family, Robin’s was managing his house works, treatment of his father, medical care and also ration for the family. Robin’s father got suspended due to some fake Allegation on him, and he was not getting his monthly salary. Hence, there was no financial support for surviving the family; in this critical situation, he got his joining letter, he got the job in Indian Railways, when he saw this he was so happy, his dream of getting a career in the government sector was fulfilled he got posted in Jharkhand which was very far away from his city. His life was twisted now, after thinking for many times he decided to take care of his father and stay at home, he left his dream job which he had got after facing lots of difficulties and failures. He was not able to join for his career because in the situation he was living he can’t leave them and go like this, I think women’s sacrifices men also sacrifice for many things, and many times for their family and Robin left his job to take care of his father. I don’t know why people say these men are stone-hearted? No, not at all; they also care for their family; they also have feelings.Men are strong from the outside but are very soft-hearted. Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is. We know they fall; those tears run dry.Yet they face it all.They’re always expected to be the strongest one. Why? Is that only for men? Men are a beautiful creation of God, who is always considered the strongest one.

As Shakespeare in his hamlet said that :

“What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty! In form and moving, how express and admirable! In action, how like an Angel”. 

In apprehension, how like a god! The beauty of the world! The paragon of animals! And yet to me, what is this quintessence of dust?

 Robin was happily taking care of his father and mother, Robin’s mother told Robin to get married, though she could not manage household chores, and she thought that Robin would get a companion side by side. He got married to a very good-hearted girl. She started taking care of everything at home, along with Robin’s father and mother and household chores. After marriage, Robin had more responsibilities, but he was trying his best. His love and care for his parents were real. He left his dream job to take care of his parents. I think his parents have the best child; they are fortunate. Man is never so manly as when he feels deeply, acts boldly, and expresses himself with frankness and without fear. As far as people nowadays are saying and are using words like feminism in respect of women, we all know that yes women’s we’re not appropriately treated in the earlier period, so they are now praising women’s are putting her forward for everything. They are standing and achieving in every field of their life, but then Men are also equally important in society. They are also the backbone of a progressing nation. They should also get equal opportunities in every aspect of life. There must be equality for men, too, somewhere in the name of women’s men being sometimes mistreated and given preference first because of being a female. Why? Men are not getting choices why it is so, and I think there should be equal opportunities for each one of us whether they are male or female; there must not be gender discrimination, and also no one should get any preference because of being a female gender, sometimes due to this men are not getting equally treated. Robin, who was facing lots from passing years he tried his best for getting small jobs for surviving in his hometown; he started doing small works his father was on the bed for last four years this was the time when Robin was having a baby boy, his wife was very supportive towards his family.

 One of the deepest feminine pleasures is when a man stands full, present, and uncreative amid his woman’s emotional storms. When he stays current with her and loves her through the layers of wildness and closure, she feels his trustability and can relax. Robin, in this phase of life, altogether needed the mental and emotional support from his wife. Most men claim to desire driven, independent and confident women. Yet when confronted with such a creature, reverence often evolves into resent. Just like women, men also need to be needed. A time came when Robin’s father left the world. Robin was Depressed from this incident. Robin was fully taking care of his mother, who was now not in the proper mentally stable. She had Alzheimer, so she needed more care and support; she could not eat, even she was not able to clean her toilets, Robin used to clean her, and he does all her work. As we know, one of the best things in the world is getting blessings from our parents; Robin’s financial condition was also improving; he was trying his best. Robin was such a great person; as it is said, parents set examples in front of their children. Children always learn from them.

Again Robin started preparing for more exams side by side with his work, he tried giving attempts, At one shot, he finally succeeded, and he got the job in the government sector again, he got the job of principal in a government primary school, and the happiest thing was in his hometown. He was thinking and remembering his father’s words, which his father always used to tell that he will get better in his life, he deserves the best one, and the best one will come. He had his blessings from his father as support. He was thrilled. Now also he is with his family, his mother is also with him. It is always said that parents are still the strongest, so we need to take care of them; it is always our responsibility to take care of them,I think it is not always women who survive and take care of the family, but men also do. They are also the backbone of the family, the strength, and the support system. Men are also the same as women are; they can also manage everything in the family. They are the support that firmly manages the whole burden of the family on his shoulder. Who tries to stay healthy in every situation. So,Men are also the equal support for the family.

Author’s note :

This story revolves around the oblation and the sacrifices of men in our society, it also contains love and devotion of a man towards his family. As we talk about the gender equality, where men are biased in terms of preferences in our society, this story tells us about the sacrifices of men where he left his dream for his parents to take care of his parents, it shows the devotion of men towards his parents.

This is a stereotype mentality that men never cries, they also cry, they never show there emotions because they stay strong in every situation with patience ,they also feel pain they also need support, they too need love and care. Men put their effort in taking up responsibilities of the family, so it is wrong to say that only women sacrifices for their family, men too sacrifices and sometimes bears pain inside himself and does lots of needy efforts for the survival of his family,Men grew up early and carries the responsibilities of the family, they get maturity before the time. And also it is that men and women are incomplete without each other so, both the gender is equally important.

In Sankhaya (jiva) states about the inclusion between prakrit and Purush (Male) ,Purusha (puru + usha) means “eastern dawn” signifying the Manifested Brahman or the Creative consciousness that sets in motion the entire creative process with the help of His two aspects. Both Purusha and Prakriti are eternal, indestructible realities. According to Samkhya philosophy Purusha is a Sanskrit term which means spirit, person, self or consciousness in Indian philosophy. In Sankhya it means the principle of spirit or pure consciousness. It represents the male aspect of creation. Purusha is an inactive, unchangeable, universal and eternal entity. 



    “How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary


    Robin is an explicit example of this quote. One who did not think twice before deciding to leave his dream job for his parents, one who is dedicated, dilligent, smart, caring and above all responsible. In the world full of evil, Robin has proved to be a bright light. Inspite of all the worldly pleasures that he could achieve, he chose to let go and dedicated his service to his parents. Though he suffered financially & emotionally, yet no storm could tremble his

    love for his parents.

    Not only he took care of his parents but also looked after his wife and was well aware of his responsibilities.

    Suffering and struggle has no gender, it solely depends on the destiny and the path we choose. Men are as sacrificing and caring as women who also need assurance and love and shall not be judged because of their outer masculinity. They are as soft as women are.