Will found a journal on train. He just thought of it as a notebook but it was something else…


Will had his headphones on when he boarded the train. He should have called for cab. Pulling up his hoodie, he slid in the empty seat. He looked around to check if anyone had recognized him. Everyone was busy in their own world to notice that one of the most loved band’s member is travelling with them. As he put on his shades, he noticed a red notebook lying on the floor. He found out that it was a personal journal. Knowing that it would be wrong to read it, he couldn’t help himself. When he read the first entry, he found out that the girl had written the about her bad day and her previous journal getting lost.

He chuckled thinking how she had lost another one. She is one careless girl. As he proceeded reading, he started picturing a girl in her teens probably. In her fifth entry, he got to know that she is his fan. He wanted to know what she thought about him.

Will, you don’t know how much I love you…

This is all common for him. He thought he would sign an autograph and keep it in it. Getting out of the station, he got a call from his manager. He asked him to send a car to pick him from station. He got home and found his girlfriend waiting for him with a birthday cake. She had planned a big party for his birthday.

After the big celebration, he got in his room. His girlfriend made him sit on bed as he was a little over drunk.

She tucked him and went to cleaning his room. Picking up the small notebook which was lying on the floor, she asked, “What is this?”

He replied, “Just a notebook I found on the train”

She kept it on the night stand. Little did he know that it was someone’s life that he had found on the train!


He had forgotten about the journal and went to working on his music for his next album. One night, he was stuck on next note. Keeping the guitar back, he took his coffee and went to his room. He was surprised to see the notebook still kept on the night-stand. He smirked, “If she is my fan, she would have definitely written something on my birthday”

He flipped through pages and saw an entry for his birthday.

I wish you a very happy birthday. I didn’t wish you on any social media because I know my wish will get lost in millions of wishes that you are getting. I am happy to see you happy. It hurts that I am not one of those lucky people who will be there to celebrate your birthday with you. Hope you have a brilliant year ahead and you deserve all this happiness after a big loss.

He got to know that it was the entry after the loss of his mother. He read the about whole day. She used to wish him luck every-day. He realized that the journal was actually letters to him which she used to write whenever she wanted to talk to him.


He got to know her story: She was a girl who had a dream to be with him. She was creative girl who used to make amazing drawings and had a collection of inspirational quotes scribbled on the top of each page. She loved music and her friends. She used to be a shy girl but now she had completely changed. She used to write to him how her day went and how she was loving her life. Sometimes when she would be sad, her entries would reflect that she is hurt.

When he reached the last entry, he saw it was of one month ago. He was confused. He wanted to know what happened. Why had she stopped writing to him? He didn’t know her name or anything. How will he find her?


He was driving by a small park. It struck her, she said something about being in this park and writing to him.

He went in park to see some young girl with a charm bracelet tied around her wrist writing in her journal but didn’t find anyone. He thought he is mad to be searching for someone about whom he knows nothing about. He glanced at the red cover and noticed something which he didn’t observe before. The drawing or the doodle on the first page had small initials written in it.


He laughed, “Of course. She is big fan of John Green novels too”

When he searched his followers on Twitter, he found many but one stood out which had a John Green quote as wallpaper. He got to know that she studied psychology in Kingston. As he came to hostel, he asked for Sam on reception. The receptionist called in room.

When a young girl descened the stairs, he saw she was not some teenage girl but a young girl maybe in her twenties. He smiled, “Hi”

She smirked, “Hello”

“I found your diary on train. Sorry for reading it”

She bit her lips and had tears in her eyes, “It is not mine”

He was confused, “What? You are not Sam?”

She shook her head, “No”

He asked, “So, where is she? I want to meet her”

She wiped her tears but still had a big smile on her face, “I think you are little late for that”

“Why? Did she leave?”

She nodded, “Yup, she left. Actually, she was your huge fan. I used to call her crazy and actually she was crazy. She was in love with you; head over heels.”

He handed her the journal saying, “Okay, here is her diary. I had signed on one of the pages. Just tell her that… I would love to meet her.”

She shook her head, “You can keep it. I am sure she would love that.”

He was still confused. She gave him notebook saying, “She died last month in an accident. I kept her journal because it is the only thing that reminded me how crazy she was. Now, I think you should keep it because it was originally meant for you”

He didn’t know what to say or do. That small notebook had made him look at her in every fan of his…