She fights loneliness with a cup of coffee , and printed words on a paper . She sat there with her legs folded, hair freshly braided , not a strain on the forehead sipping her coffee and washing away her memories of reality with a little tub of caffeine, this kept her sane, this kept her from the reality that she so eagerly wanted to escape. This kept her mind from questioning every life choice she has ever made.

She lived her entire life in a clear glass bowl , but for these fifteen minutes a day the glass would turn opaque, shielding her from her own muddling thoughts , just letting her melt into an alternate reality of immoral politics and road rage . With each sip of caffeine she takes in a piece of information to complete the puzzle in her mind .

Reading about a sarcastic talking orange cat makes her cheek crease as a result I witness the most beautiful smile I have ever seen . This is an image that is burned into my brain cells. She deserves to know how beautiful she is when she laughs , she deserves to know how beautiful she is when she is just sitting there with nothing but a paper in hand and a smile on her face . But alas, one like me does not have the courage to do so. She deserves all the love in the world but for the people in her life to show her only specs of it and not through the spoken word , which she so desperately wants to hear .

With a mere two sips left , the specter of reality stood hanging . As she downs the last two sips , the glass turns clear again . She puts on a brave face and goes about with the rest of her evening , waiting for the next fifteen minutes of her day