This story shows that even a non living thing can connect to someone's soul in such a way that it matters for even one's life and death. This illustrates the connection that has tied from the birth of two souls and which ends with their death together. 

        We always think of trees as lifeline for all the living things in this world. But a tree can become someone’s life. Interesting, isn’t it? There was one such body whose soul was a sapling  that grew as the soul was raised. 

        Long ago, lived a couple, longing for a little one to complete their family. After a prolonged wait, their prayers were answered. The family was given a pretty little boy by the Almighty. His deep blue eyes, like the oceans within. His chubby cheeks, red like a tomato.

His curly brown hair. His tiny hands and legs, delicate like the petals of a flower. His beauty was beyond describing through words.

The family was pleased to be gifted by such an angel. They thought that this beautiful creature was the reward of their wait. They named this charming boy, VANSH.

        Along with the happiness of the arrival of this new member in the family, the couple didn’t forget what they had promised to each other. At the time of their wedding they had promised each other that at the time when their baby would come in this world, they would plant a sapling in the backyard of their house as a token of love for their baby. So, they decided to plant a mango tree. The tree was planted in the centre of the backyard. 

        Then started the journey of VANSH and the tree.

Both grew together. There was an amazing connection between them. It looked as their souls were connected. When baby VANSH was happy the sapling VANSH looked hale and hearty. But when VANSH was sick, the sapling seemed to be ailing. This bond sometimes surprised the couple, but they then realised that this relation would last lifelong and as long as the tree is safe, we don’t need to worry about VANSH. 

        The life started its actual stages. Soon VANSH was sent to school. He would come to the mango sapling as soon as he came back from the school. He shared each and every thing he did the whole day to the plant. And the plant also, as he understood everything what VANSH told him, shook its little branches. VANSH used to play around the sapling whole day. He started to see the plant as his best friend, rather as a brother. Sometimes he even ate sitting near this plant.

This bond grew stronger and stronger as both grew up. It seemed as both passed from the stage of life together. The plant soon turned into a tree. The tree began to yield mangoes. And these mangoes were very sweet and perfectly ripened too. VANSH everyday took a mango and ate. And always found one ripened mango on the lower branch. It seemed that the tree always saved one mango for VANSH. 

        Now VANSH was in 10th grade. When the board exams were approaching, VANSH became nervous. And the only place he could find answers was in the shade of the tree. He sat in the shade of the leaves of this tree and he felt like all his problems were solved. There was some magic in the lap of this tree for VANSH. He used to sit under the tree and study.

Sometimes he took a nap here too. And when the results were announced, VANSH went straight to the tree and gave it a tight hug. He thanked him for the magic that helped him to answer his exams. Surprisingly the tree dropped a fresh ripened mango. VANSH took it as a gift of his good result and ate it going inside the house.

        Now time flew as wind. VANSH grew from a boy into an adult. Time came of his marriage. He wanted that the tree, his best friend right from the childhood, would remain present on his big day.

So he decided that his wedding ceremony will take place in the backyard where his beloved tree lived. After the marriage VANSH told his wife about his connection with the tree.

He told her that this was no ordinary tree. This tree was a witness of his happiness and sorrows. They both grew together. His wife too became affectionate towards this mango tree. She used to water its roots and clean up its surroundings, just like VANSH used to do. After some years, God gifted VANSH with cute twin boys.

They were as beautiful and charming as VANSH was when he was young. He remembered his days of childhood, when he saw them playing. He memorized how he used to fooling around that little mango plant. Now he missed those days as he was no more young and neither was the mango plant still a plant. Now he didn’t get much time to spend with the mango tree. But still somewhere in the bottom of his heart there was a special place for it. Whenever he got upset about something that was going on in his life, he just sat under the mango tree, just like old times, and took a breath of satisfaction. 

        Now both VANSH and that mango tree grew old. VANSH’s children were now handling the work and VANSH had nothing to do except finding ways to utilize his free time. Every time he thought of nothing but to sit with his best friend the mango tree and tell him about all the things going on in his and his children’s life. Unfortunately, VANSH’s children were not so fond of the tree. They thought that this huge mango tree was occupying extra space in their backyard and that they didn’t need it any longer. VANSH tried to explain them that this tree was no ordinary one. His memories were associated with it. He had lived his life with it. Their happiness and grieves were no different. He could not live without this tree.

His soul lied within this tree. But his children were not capable of understanding their father’s feelings.

They couldn’t even think how deep his connection with this tree was. They decided to cut it as soon as possible. He couldn’t tolerate the fact that his beloved friend was going to be cut down. This made VANSH very gloomy. His health was getting poor and poor. Still, his children couldn’t understand that their decision would take not only one but two lives to their creator. 

        Then after a week, VANSH’s younger son came up bringing an axe from the market. He and his brother started to cut down that tree, branch after branch. As the tree’s branches reduced, VANSH’s spirit also began to leave his body. And when the last branch of the tree left its trunk, VANSH’s soul took leave from his body.

 And so the souls who started their journey in this world together, departed from this world together and the connected souls left this world giving it a beautiful message of friendship.