Its a story mainly on the idea of creating an awareness in children regarding the protection of environment.


Sherline was a curious young woman who loved nature too much. In every act of hers, she cared for the society, much more importantly on relation to the natural resources. She felt that nature was really important to the life of mankind and hence she always wanted to protect it from exhaustion. From her very young age, she wanted to create a safe environment. Unlike other children who love playing games in electronic gadgets, Sherline always behaved differently. She loved gardening. While others plucked flowers and spoiled the hedges, she treated every plant as a living being and never hurt them. Years went on with this attitude of hers.

It was a day during her schooling when she came to know that the source of papers was trees. She was shocked on the quantity of deforestation for the manufacture of papers. That day, she decided not to waste papers anymore and insisted the same on others. She used to utilize every available space on papers. Later, she felt that the electronic gadgets such as e-mail and e-books could reduce the usage of paper and so she started using them on this very purpose. She did not waste her minutes on pastimes and used the facilities just to reduce the usage of papers. She also cared that she did not waste electricity at any way. She always used electric power only when it was absolutely necessary.

She was ten years old when she participated on a speech competition in her school. She spoke boldly on the importance of trees. “Trees are essential for our life. They give us the food we eat, pleasant scented flowers for decoration, shade from the hot sun, wood for making cartons, benches, doors and windows. They are useful in every little way in our daily life. Above all, trees help us to survive in this world by providing us the pure oxygen that we breathe in. As we know, we are polluting the atmospheric air by burning the wastes, plastics, and by industrial exhausts and automobile emissions. But trees take up these hazardous oxides of carbon from the atmosphere and give us pure oxygen for our life. So, without trees, our life becomes tragic. We are not realizing the importance of trees and cutting them down for our needs. We can make use of other resources such as metals for our needs. We can promote recycling of the used papers to get new ones. This will help in reducing the large scale bamboo deforestation. We are also giving up agricultural lands for promoting construction of buildings. If this goes on, then we will lack food. Trees also help us to maintain the water cycle by bringing rain to us thus procuring pure water for our needs. Thus,

TREES play a major role in our life , yet we are not protecting them.

We are also wasting water on a large scale. Running off taps during brushing and washing wastes a lot of water. We have to reduce our usage of water since the quantity of available drinking water in the Earth is very low. Also, electricity is important for our life. Many of us are wasting it by not turning off the unwanted devices, fans and lights in our day-to-day life. This must be avoided since we cannot renew the source of electricity after some decades.”

There was a big applause after her speech and she was awarded the first prize. The Head appreciated her great knowledge in this young age and insisted others to understand the importance of trees and promote planting them.

Days were passing. Wherever she went, she wanted to keep her environment clean and good. She used to pick up the rubbish on roads and discard them in the nearby dustbins. She did this as a hobby during her weekend holidays near her residency. People watching this action of hers felt moved and they started following the same. Then, she used to talk to people regarding the possibilities of infection from the unclean environment and the goodness of having a pollution free, tidy lands around. Everyone started following her and managed to discard wastes only in the respective bins. In few months, her area of residency became clean. Everyone loved her attitude. She started writing articles to the newspapers that attracted everyone’s attention. This lead to a large scale awareness on environment related issues. She always spoke about afforestation and planted trees all around the places she went and requested the people to care for the trees that she had planted. She also considered the importance of protecting Non-Renewable resources such as electricity, petroleum, etc. Every week, at the church, she gave messages from The Gospel regarding society and she used to speak about the steps essential for promoting green environment.

After completing her schooling, she chose the field of Automobile engineering for her graduation, yet she kept on learning things in various fields. She completed her project by designing low emission engine. This project was proposed for a large scale development since it was highly economical and largely feasible. Due to her knowledge on mechanics, she also designed a domestic level paper recycling machinery. She also created a machine for reducing the size of plastic waste so that they can be sent for recycling. Both of these could be used in every house at an affordable cost thereby reducing paper usage and discard of plastics into the environment. She was awarded the Young Scientist Award by the Government for these inventions. She was also provided with funding for promoting the large scale manufacturing of these machineries. And the Government decided to make arrangements for collection and recycling of the plastic wastes that will be available in every house from processing using these machines.

That was the time, when the country’s Prime Minister introduced the Swachh Bharath Mission for creating a pollution free, tidy, green and clean INDIA within three years. Sherline created an awareness to the public regarding the mobile application that was developed by the Government under this mission for helping the Government to identify unclean areas so that they could be rectified.

She also got suggestions from her friends for constructing green, eco-friendly buildings and created proposals to the government so that these ideas could be  incorporated in all the PWD projects. Due to her dedication towards nature, she traveled to every corner of the state including rural, urban and suburban areas for creating awareness to the people regarding green environment. Her motto was simple :

“Promote afforestation, use recycling methods, reduce usage of plastic, BE ECO-FRIENDLY”

Her attitude easily attracted all the people she met. She used to say stories and present some charts and diagrams while talking to children and illiterate so that they could easily understand her ideas. Everyone believed in her vision and provided her a greater support by keeping their areas clean and green. At some point of time, she got recognized by the Prime Minister of the country who appreciated her for her greater efforts and dedication towards the welfare of the Nation. Thus, her fame became known to the entire country. As time passed by, all the places of the country became clean, everyone promoted afforestation, unwanted cutting of trees were prevented. People started using recycled papers and learnt methods of preventing land and water pollution. Sanitation was promoted in all the places, safe discarding of plastics were done. All the new vehicles came with the low emission engines that was designed by Sherline. She felt proud of her nation and started her journey of life for TURNING THE ENTIRE WORLD GREEN.