After one month of searching and listing the potential grooms for her, the village finally decided to contact Prabhas who was an eight fail uneducated person working as an unskilled labor in a small transportation company, his work was to load and unload packages to and from the truck. Megha, on the other hand, was studying for college.

This was a no match in every case but since the village decided it in common her and her parents did not have a say and she was destined to marry Prabhas in a few months. This was not what she expected from her life, she wished to fly high in the skies above them, she wished to make her parents proud by becoming something in life but all her dreams were shattered as the boy’s family were of a typical orthodox conservative thinking and did not want Megha to study anymore. Her village supported the boy’s family. As a result, she stopped pursuing higher education and flushed all her dreams under the society’s pressure. But this was just one of the innumerable restrictions that were to be applied to Megha when she would enter their house.

After the marriage, the real color of the boy’s family was revealed. Megha was not allowed to move out of the house whatever be the reason, she should stay inside all day long. Moreover her mother – in – law would continuously force her to giver her a little boy which she called her ‘vaaris’. After a few days, it was revealed that whatever Prabhas was earning he would spend a majority of the share in alcohol, betting etc. and he would quite often come home drunk and would beat his wife. Megha was going through a lot, she had many restrictions on her as well as has to bear the pain of physical violence. Despite contacting her parent several times and informing them about the situation there was no result. Her parents too were instructed by the village to not to encourage their daughter to come back home. She should stay in that house till her death.

Apparently, this was another stereotype that was developed. A married woman should not leave the house of the husband till death, in other words ‘she should arrive in baraat and leave on a death bed’. This was what was told to Megha and once again she was under the societal pressure. The boy’s family would tease her for dowry and she was given death threats in plenty.

One final day, Megha thought that it was enough. She had tolerated a lot and decided to end her miserable life. She hung herself from the fan on the house and ended her life.

If she would not have been forced to marry in the first place she would have been alive till now, if she and her parents raised their voice under the societal pressure she would have been alive but now there was no use of these predictions, it was all in vain.