Tonight was going to be a very important night for me. I just knew it; I could feel it. I didn’t know if it was the excitement brimming within me or the nervousness in the form of fluttering butterflies. After all when the clock chimes 12 , I would be armed with new hopes,new dreams and, truth be told, great expectations. New year was around the corner and I was going to celebrate it with a bang!

My friends and I had decided to party at the college’s most popular guy’s house. The invitation was enough to get us scurrying to perfect our dress. I took my own sweet time to get dressed. After all, better to be late than ugly right?

Rocking a black miniskirt and a red glitter spaghetti top with dangling silver earrings, I marched to his door in my red stilettos.  Loud music and stench of alcohol accompanied with a blast of heat welcomed me to the party.

It half past ten and the party was in full swing, not being a typically social girl, I decided to wait for my friends in the kitchen. I started reading wattapad when I familiar warmth rose on my left side. Looking in that direction, I saw him watching me with an intent gaze. A gaze that made me squirm. He looked gorgeous in his black formal shirt with 3 buttons unbuttoned and loose grey tie hanging around his neck. Those black jeans just proved my point- he was the most gorgeous man I have seen.

He sat down beside me. I could smell his cologne.

“Hey, you seem like you could use a drink”, he said in a voice that made my knees weak.

“Does that work with every girl you have hit on? I asked amused.

“Always”, he responded with excitement in his eyes. “But I meant that if I see a girl without a glass holding a phone, sitting away from the crowd, it means I am doing something wrong.”

“Oh no this party is amazing but… its just not my usual scene”, I said wary of the direction the conversation was heading.

“Well, then you have barely a few minutes before new year. Why not try something new? If you like it hang on to it, if not it can  be one of your regrets you leave behind this year.”, He coaxing a drink into my hand.  Damn, he was very convincing.

Let’s do the math: if I do this, it’s just one night to enjoy before studies. Also, I get to know what it feels like to loosen up.

Maybe. Tonight I could let loose and enjoy.

“Done.” I smiled.

The rest of the night was a blur with vodka shots and grinding bodies on the dance floor messing with my head.

At midnight, the crowd erupted in cheers and shouts. I saw him standing among his friends, hands in his pocket in the corner of the room.

He looked at me and smiled.

After a few seconds, I had crossed the room and had locked lips with him.

“Happy new year”,I said breathlessly .

“Happy new year to you too.” He smiled while holding my waist.


I woke panting and sweating.

It was already a new year and I was on my head in my comfortable pajamas. I slept through the entire celebration. I was elated not because, I kissed a hot guy in my dreams, but because I finally found  my first resolution of the year.

To be confident and take matters into own hands. This first resolution is now my life mantra and I could not have chosen a better one.

Readers, confidence is very important. It can do wonders in your life.  It can make you a lot more bolder and adventurous; it can make you grab the bull by its horns; it can make your personality more appealing.

So even if you think you aren’t special, believe you are and walk with that confidence everywhere you go .