It is a plot twist that happens with Seema and Rajesh. It just simply involves our daily oxygen named ‘Whatsapp’ and slight mystery. Emotions and change of situation is the major plot of the story.


Passing over the huge work load of the day and journey of the local train at last Seema reached home. Her chair was like calling her out loud ‘Sit down! Please!’ She sat down and had a sip of water. Last two months had been very tough for her. Her family came to know about her relationship with Rajesh. The provincial circles of society and her relentless fight gave her some good results. She managed to convince her family for the wedding with a guy who is not Punjabi. Drinking cold water from the glass she picked up her phone. As general population she picked up phone, wifi connection and whatsapp. It’s the basic algorithm stuck to the human brains.

Rajesh was online. He sent three texts before and was waiting for the reply. She saw them and typed, “Very sorry darling. It was a real busy day. I had to give three presentations today. Swallyy!” and a kissy added. Rajesh replied, “No problem baba. I can understand. Just feeling little uneasy that is why….”. Seema felt real negative and her finger started moving on the key pad fanatically. She told him to take medicines and have lots of water. She was into him totally. She sent him a cute selfie to lighten his mood.

She asked him, “Achha.. send me your happy wala selfie please. I want to see. Please…please…please!” Two minutes of silence and she got a picture of a chair. She said, ” Stop kidding Raj and send it.” Rajesh said, “I sent only…it didn’t come?” and immediate ‘NO’ came on his screen five times. He tried again but the same thing happened. Then Rajesh said, ” Arre! Leave it na! It must be a camera problem! Sorry yar. Before our wedding I will buy a new i-Phone 7. Okay?!Then we can take as many sefies as we want…”

Seema was happy and chatting passionately. She lost the track of time and even her house was empty but she did not realise.

She was fully drenched into emotions and elations. Her dream came true at last…She wanted to marry Raj and only Raj. But he said if her father accepts and gives blessings then only they will proceed. Phone rang suddenly and she ran towards it. She said, ” Hello!….hello! Who is this? Arre talk!” then she slammed the phone.

Rajesh was online and texting…he said, “Hey! Today our gang went for a bike ride from the office. We had amazing time and coffee on the way. Then we were driving like crazy. I had Rita with me and Sanjesh had Shreya. We had so much fun……but..”  Seema replied with smiley, “But what Raj? ”

Raj said, ” I could not recall how I reached home.They must have given me something. I usually don’t drink with them…..that’s why musta be” Seema exclaimed, “Don’t you dare drink and drive….I will kill you!” Raju replied, ” Nahi re babu. Promise. Please don’t be angry. I said I did not drink….”

Again the phone ring hindered the silence and she went to the phone again. ” Seema…Seema…this is your Usha aunty. ..Seema..” she just heard the crying and sobbing. Dark clouds of tension groped her completely. But the phone voice was very low….she tried talking but could not hear. Instead of asking Rajesh what is wrong she directly called his mom on her phone…..again heard the same sobbing voice.

She asked hastily, ” Usha aunty why are you crying?…you are making me sick…please talk fast. What happend? …Is Rajesh okay? Or his father or anyone in the family???”

Such questions poked Rajesh’s mother even more. She tried controlling that, ” Seema please come to the City Hospital….Rajesh is in ICU! He and frineds had a….had a huge accident. One of his friends Rita died on the spot and rest are in ICU. Doc…Doctors are saying the condition is critical….” She sank in the chair and asked, ” Since when he….he is there?”

Usha Aunty replied, “From today after noon 4….4 only i guess! One truck driver helped them….”She felt totally enervated and astonished. Her phone was off in the afternoon and she came back from office at 7. Then they had chat for an hour….how’s….how is that possible? The chair is near Rajesh’s table and his window is same as his home….she went to whatsapp…but offline….no reply and no messages…..her brains felt the twist…..


The silence, shiver and whatsapp…..