My heart was racing, I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was not ready …

We were in the middle of our performance, the whole college was looking at us, and he suddenly went down on his knee. That night either could have been the best night of my life or an unfortunate one. Images started flashing by in my head.  Bright shiny stars, the sun kissing the horizon,  colorful petals of Tulips. 

Last month, we were out on a college trip.  After 8 hours of traveling, everybody was exhausted and  went to sleep in their tents. But we decided to lie down and look at the stars for the rest of the night. This wasn’t the first time that we were together alone but of course, it felt very different this time. Because that morning he announced his departure from the college to complete his higher studies. We liked each other a lot, but we never confessed it. Not like we feared someone or something, it was just that we were two very different people , our goals , decisions and thoughts were poles apart  .  That night we just kept looking at the sky without uttering a single word , in complete silence , our hearts were tearing  . 

Next day , the students were scheduled to visit the city park .  While I was spending time with my other group mates trying to avoid any interaction with him , he swiftly held my hands and took me to the other side of the park . I was amazed by the beauty of those fresh blooming Tulips . I looked at him, and He had tears in his eyes as he said ” The best people in our lives often show up at the wrong time “. ” Can’t we do something about it ? ” I asked . He  stared at  me  silently, turned around, and walked away . I felt heartbroken, For me it was the end of us . 

That evening all of us were on the beach .  I sat in the corner , looking at the sun sinking in the horizon , the same way as my heart  sank in . I was trying to cope up with all that happened in the park . I couldn’t see him anywhere that evening . It was the last day of our trip . After the trip ended I directly saw him at  the  farewell party , The hosts randomly asked some seniors to perform together , and I was paired against him. I hesitated a bit , but then decided to face it . And there he is , waiting for my reply .