It’s the story of a young , ambitious girl Mithili , she has a different perspective, how does she change , did she win and fulfilled her ambition, what is the other win she had is the story.


Mithili is a passionate girl from the amazing green city of Bangalore, she was in the final year of her engineering ,very passionate about coding ,she loves coding to the core. She went to many competitions all India wide won almost all of them but even then her thrust was still alive.


She was preparing herself for the biggest battle of her life the all India coding competition, she was working on it for 18 plus hours every day, she was reading everything that she got hands on, she did everything that she  could ,she was preparing for it from a year , she loves to achieve it with all her strength and love for it. And the time has almost arrived, she took her flight to Delhi.


Her flight journey was one of its kind, she met irfan and it wasn’t the any other normal journey,irfan was an it executive so Mithili was naturally attracted in to a discussion with irfan,and from it coding it went to a person that irfan just met . A man he has just seen at the airport asking people for funds to save his daughter from leukaemia. It touched irfan deep down and he shared it with Mithili. Soon they became good friends in just a span of 40 minutes.

Mithili was so techyy totally about only the it industry but irfan with his 30 years of experience in it industry was giving the best suggestions he could give , while Mithili was absorbing it as much as she can. They exchanged their number , Mithili started to see her father kind of person in Irfan. She asked  him to come to the competition. Irfan gave a confident smile.

Bidding a good bye to each other and  Irfan  wishing Mithili all the best , they headed to their destinations. Mithili was not like any other girl she never felt nervous before her competitions , she loved to keep herself calm and confident. She was ready to give her best. She entered the competition auditorium , being one of the biggest of its kind she had never seen before, she was took back by the complete tech environment around her. She could feel the surroundings from inside , after all this was the place she always wanted to be at.

In a short while the competitors took their places , the competition started which would be held in three rounds. First round being specific about the problem solving , with immense preparation that she had done Mithili could make through the first round with ease. The second round was time bound , the short time for execution the best the chances would be to get through the competition.Mithili put all the best forward to do this as this was one of the toughest round she could face , as winning it depend on yourself but also on  how others perform as well. She could make through the second round but she wasn’t happy to see herself in seventh position. Now the third round being the one that can decide the winner Mithili didn’t wanted to take any chances. A short break of 15 minutes was given.

Mithili could see that getting the first place was secondary but getting to top five was seeming difficult to her. She never thought she would loose to such a great difference. She should have at least 12 points to take her to the top position. She knew it was difficult.Admist all these thoughts taking on her and bringing her down, she heard a low voice from left side calling Mithili. She turned and to her surprise it was Irfan, Irfan could clearly see the nervousness taking upon Mithili. He thought of helping her and asked her to come up to a coffee table.

He first asked her about how the competition was going and then he thought of giving her a dose of motivation by telling her about the leukaemia patient he just talked to, the same patient whose father was asking for funds at the airport.

Irfan told this to Mithili. ‘ you know, I just talked to Eliza , the leukaemia patient that i was telling you about , the chances of her to live are only 40% this is what I am told today, but when I talked to Eliza she was very happy to hear that it was 40% , not only me but the doctors were shocked to see her smile, when we asked her the reason she said she felt happy to know that it was 40% and she could make up to 40%. She was happy to make up to 40% and had the confidence blinking in her eyes that said she could make through these tough times  to live a lifetime of joys’. The only thing i want to tell you is hat you made through all these people to reach to top 10 , you are standing at the 7th position then you have the same capacity of the person standing at number 1 now. Just give your best this time and you know you can.

Mithili could absorb all of these but one thing that was striking her again and again was Eliza ,she could see her as a person of hope, and then Mithili thought about her journey of a year , the late nights and early mornings she put herself on just to prepare herself for the best competition of her life and she suddenly realized that just 12 points cant take all of that from her and then she turned back at Irfan greeting him with a nod.

She thought of staying positive and calm right now and wait for what will be in store for her for the next round.

The round began, may be one of the biggest high time for Mithili to give her best. There was only one thought now to her best and to leave and not think about the rest. the third round was not something that Mithili thought it was the test case round , the round was clear , the code that passes maximum number of test cases for the given problem are the winners. Mithili was now calm enough to think that she has the time to do what ever she could to make her code pass through maximum number of test cases she could predict at the moment. She gave her best putting herself into constant thinking and changing her code again and again and at last the clock ticking for the last 1 minute made her to stop thinking much but to complete her code. And then the time was up. She knew that she could make to top 5 but she was waiting to see her in top 3 .the results were announced and to her surprise she was second, now she dint bother about not being at the first position but was amazed to see her at the second. She searched for but she couldn’t find him.

The time has come for the prize , reward distribution and to her surprise, Mithili was took aback to see that the same person she was talking to all the way to Delhi and who has changed her from her deviated thoughts to a motivated person to give the best that she could at the moment was actually the chief guest. Irfan was MD of one of the best MNC in India. Mithili was happy to receive a reward of 3 lakh’s  for her second position. Irfan then explained Mithili about how he could such a great height of being an MD, all the way to airport. They travelled together to Bangalore. In the airport she saw a father asking funds for his child’s treatment and Irfan told Mithili that it was the same person he was talking about , Eliza’s father. Mithili wanted to do her bit now by giving the 3 lakh’s for Eliza’s treatment ,she not only won the competition but she also won at life by understanding the importance of satisfaction and hope.Irfan was very happy with Mithilis decision so he asked her to join his company. She wins and She Won.