Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lily who lived in a small village of Maharashtra in India. She always used to read books and love to learn new things. One day she was reading a book about a magical land far away, and she became fascinated by it. So she decides to go on an adventure to find this magical land. She packed a bag with a lot of food(as she loves food ), water, and a map, and started walking. She walked for days through forests, across rivers, and over hills. Finally, she saw something from the distance but couldn’t see it properly so  She ran towards it, and when she got closer, she saw a huge gate. She pushed it to open the door and walked inside. She saw a beautiful garden with flowers of different colors and a fountain in the middle of the palace. She walked towards the fountain, and as she got closer, she saw a golden key lying on the grass. She picked it up and looked around. She saw a door with a keyhole, and she try to insert that key in that lock and turned it, and pushed the door to open it. She saw a room filled with gold and jewels. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She knew that she had found the magical land. She smiled and walked towards the treasure. She picked up a gold necklace, and as she did, she hear a voice  “Congratulations, you have found the treasure. You can take as much as you want, but remember, true treasure is within yourself.” She looked around, but she couldn’t see anyone. She smiled, put the necklace back, and walked out of the room. She walked back to her village, and as she did, she realized that the true treasure was the adventure she had, the things she had learned, and the memories she had made.