*Rachel’s Point of View*

16th July, 2018.

“Malcolm!” I winced in pain as I continued hitting his arm, “Malcolm! OH No!” I almost scratched him with my nails.

“Ow! What the heck! Why are you abusing me at 4am!” he was finally awake.

“Malcolm! Baby!” I held him arm tighter.

“Where?” he looked around the room, “I told you not to watch horror movies while you’re pregnant! There’s no baby here!” he chuckled.

“You dummy,” I shut my eyes, “I’m having a labour pain,” I said.

“What!” he almost jumped, “oh my god, wasn’t the date due on 4 days later?”

“It happens,” I was sweating now, “please, please take me to the doctor,”

“Yes, yeah, okay. Just a minute,” he got up and wore his t-shirt and changed into jeans, “you’re gonna go in this?” he asked looking at my night dress.

“Just take me to the hospital!” I winced.

He struggled but settled me in his car as we drove to the hospital.

“Just breathe!” he put his hand on my lap.

“I want to punch someone,” I said.

“Take a deep breath in and out,” he insisted.

“Malcolm,” I sighed, “faster, please,”

He chuckled,

“Gosh,” I snapped, “I’m having a terrible pain and you’re being cheeky and cringe!”

“Sorry, sorry,” he grinned, “Just concentrate on your breathing, do it like they do in the movies and be there with you  and make you feel alright and wipe your face and hold your hands, that’s so romantic!” he cheered.

“Malcolm, babe, I love you but please just shut up right now, please,” I said.

We arrived at the hospital and I was almost done with the pain. The nurse attended me because it was sure an emergency.

“Breathe!” Michael yelled as he kept running and held my hand while I was laid down on a stretcher.

“I love you! You’re going to be fine!” he yelled, “take care of her, don’t hurt her!” he said to the nurse.

“We’ve seen how the mother is more nervous than the father, but this isn’t the case here,” one of them commented.

I just shut my eyes close and felt Malcolm’s lips on my forehead, “I love you,” I said as they rushed me in the room leaving Malcolm behind.


“Its a girl,” the nurse handed the baby to Malcolm as he just stared in wonder.

“She’s…She’s beautiful,” he mumbled.

“Her eyes are just like yours,” I smiled weakly.

“Right?” he looked at me and sat next to me, “She’s as beautiful as you,”

I smiled to him as the nurse interrupted us, “What do you want to name her?”

“Christine,” I said and Michael smiled at me. He knew why I named her Christine and I was happy to know how he did not have a problem with him.

“Christine Luke Clifford,” he said as he kissed my forehead.

The nurse returned the smile and left as Michael continued looking at Christine, “I feel like I’m going to break her, she’s so delicate and soft,” he said and turned his head up to me, “can you believe that we finally have a baby?”

“Its unreal,” I smiled back, almost falling asleep, “She’s so beautiful,”

“I agree, you should sleep now. It was one hell of a night for you,” he said and handed the baby to the nurse who came in to check on me.

“Goodnight, Malcolm,” I said sleepily.

“Rachel.” he grinned at me, “its Luke’s birthday today!”

I was awestruck. Malcolm was so…perfect. He knew how much I’m always going to love Luke and he supported it, he had nothing against it nor did he seem to mind it a bit. He knew how he’d never be the same as Luke because he was Malcolm, and I did love him. I smiled up at Luke and looked at Malcolm, “I love you,” I said.

He smiled and kissed my cheek, “I love you too, Rachel.”