To begin with, I want to assure you that angels don’t like earth. Infact earth is that darkest planet in the whole universe which fairies, angels, elfs and encantados etc. are all afraid of, because demons live on Earth. But one of the pretiest of their creed somehow stayed on earth. This is the tale of Ruby, the youngest angel of the fairyland and the only angel who made the other angels to tread on this much feared planet with a renewed perception about Earth and its people.

This story is long forgotten by us, but the people of Sumadia speak about it quit often. In the ancient lands of diamond studded Sumadian kingdom, a young and handsome Sumadian king Aluka decided to build a moon tower. He was fascinated by tales of angels and always fancied what angels look like since his childhood. After he grew up to be an amazing king, he wanted to catch one for his future children, so that they could see in real, how angels look. He knew that the magical beings are almost always attracted by shining objects, so he prepared a grand plan. It was not an intangible idea, His highness was a famous architect himself, he single handedly started working on the moon tower project. The news spread like fire in the forest. On his call, tonnes and tonnes of men reached his kingdom, all were skilled craftsmen. Some came loaded in dinghies and others arrived to the shores in big ships. Many other kings also supported him and sent jewels and precious stones in return of the promise of acquiring an angel for themselves. Some of them only wanted to see angels in their lifetime, and some just presupposed to acquire the angels with force. But what ever were their thoughts, they all contributed with ample amout of dough and manpower for that masterpice of architecture.

This is how with all the positive signs, the moon tower project got under way. King Aluka prepared such an amazing design that any angel which gets attracted towards it, will surely find a path inside but will never be able to get out again. No magic could break the trap as it was carved out of hardest and shiniest element on Earth. There were no loopholes in this perfect trap since the angel bait was good for magical beings but humans could easily walk in and out of the trap.

Almost 20,000 men worked at one time to erect the tower in the middle of the castle. It was made with 24 carat gold and at the top was the stunning crescent moon full of bright shine reflecting from giant diamonds taking light from other heavenly bodies, which was made completely with layers and layers of precious gem stones. Although the moon tower mimicked the shine of moon, even then it shined brighter than all the celestial bodies seen in the vast sky. In two year time the whole tower was made and in the next two only the moon at the top of it, was built. Overall it was a success and turned out to be way better than expected.

Many magical beings came attracted towards the newly built moon but as soon as they came to know that the light is coming from the dark realms of Earth, they would drift away instantly. News about this moon tower reached to the splended fairy kingdom as well, with warnings to avoid the moon at any cost. One day a band of angels passed from above the planet Earth. All were charmed by the cristal shine of the moon but minding the warnings associated with it they ignored the luring glitters of the moon and moved on, on thier path. But Rubi was so enthralled by the glitters and the luster that she hid herself behind a lily to keep looking into the moon. An hour passed gazing into the moon, then Ruby looked around, only to find out that her friends were nowhere near. She made a few calls to them but they were all gone far away. It was not that, she didn’t knew her way back home but she was deliberately looking to spend more time watching the magnificent moon.

Then she thought for a minute, “it’s the right time to explore the moon, before others notice and comeback looking for me, I should go and take a closer look and nobody will ever know about it. “She flew near to the top, it was heavenly experience for her to be surrounded by such beautiful jewels of earth. Finding an opening she peeped in, there was a magnificent stairway adorned by roses made of precious gems. She then so badly wanted to walk on the steps that she ignored all the cautions and jumped inside the trap. Going down and down she realised, she was lost and no longer could find a way out. She became concious of her mistake and blamed herself for the miserable situation she was in. Her night passed crying and she fell asleep on the beautiful floor.

Early morning king looked out of his window to observe the moon tower as his every day ritual. And he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw one lovely angel caught within his moon trap. It was a victory for him and he was over joyed to finally achieved his dreams. He rushed towards the tower to have a closer look at the angel before anyone else finds out about her. Hastily climbing to the top he stopped just near the angel and watched her enchanting face in her sleep and instantly fell in love with her. At that moment Ruby was in her pretiest form, her deep scarlet wings were wide open, her body was glittering with the reflection of diamonds, she was tired and sitting on the diamond studded floor wearing the finest pink ombre fabric. Which was throughly a breathtaking experience for the king.

Hearing some noices around her Ruby wakes up, seeing the king staring at her, the angel was as horified, as the kind was enamored by seeing her beauty. To ease her fear introduced himself and assured her that he would never harm her. He explained his purpose of constructing the tower to her and made an offer to the sweet creature to stay in his kingdom forever. But the angel felt threatened and started weeping. Seeing her pitiful condition king decided to free the angel.

He gave her a blanket to hide herself through the day and promised to return during night and show her the way out. Ruby stopped crying but she was in a fix if she should trust a human or not. As night fell other angels located her but noone dared to step inside the moon to save Ruby, instead they belittled her for defying rules. They tried to use their magic from out side but nothing worked. In the end feeling sorry for her misfortune they left ruby on her fate and went back to fairyland. Ruby at last decided to trust the human, as she had no other choice left with her and also because she had a soft corner in her heart for the kind king. She waited for Aluka for till late, but he did not come. Ruby hopelessly slept on the floor again cursing her fate. When the clock striked 1, king finally reached to Ruby’s help. He entred the moon and walked near the devine being. Although he wanted to watch the beautiful angel sleep but he recalled his promise of freeing her that night. He woke her up and asked her to trust him. Ruby accepted and held the king’s hand which he offered to her. Being a human king Aluka could see the way out very clearly. He escorted the angel out of the moon climbing each stair with somewhat hasitation. He knew he was about to lose his angel still he succumbed for his feeling of pure love towards her. Reaching the last stair he offered the angel to stay with him, this time more assertively then before and with laying bare his heart in front of the pink winged angel. Ruby looked at his face, she knew his proposal was genuine and his heart was pure but she didn’t wanted to commit the same mistake twice. She only accepted the help gracefully and denied his proposal on the grounds that angels can not love humankind.

She walked past the king to get out of the diamond moon first. Breathing the fresh air around her she fluttered her wings and rose above the surface of moon. Now that she knew it was just a trap she couldn’t feel attracted towards it anymore. Thanking king Aluka, she waved goodbye to him once again. Aluka too selflessly let the angel return to her home with a sad smile over his face. She thanked the king and flew away.

Many days passed and other kings were disappointed at how the promising trap failed terribly, because no one else knew about the angel except the king. Aluka was strongly criticised by them for squandering all the money on a useless moon tower which caught nothing except dust. For many days, king couldn’t sleep and eat properly. He was in love with the angel and missed her absence in his life. One night he looked at the moon tower to observe his masterpiece in memory of that beautiful angel he lost. But his happiness knew no bounds when he saw Ruby sitting at the staircase of the moon. He secretly went to meet her without letting anyone know.

The angel was back to Earth only for the king. She said to him not to grieve any longer as she had come to stay. The king proposed again on his knees with the last diamond left in his kingdom, It was an ancestral ring of the royal family, which the angel accepted happily. Then the only barrier was that angels cannot marry a human. Since the king could not be made an angel, Ruby transformed herself into a human by giving up on her magical powers forever. They planned their wedding by the end of one weeks time. And till then everyday they longed for eachother.

This made the lovers realize that no trap in the entire universe is as strong as the bound of love and nothing could be a better craft than a sincere heart. Factually despite the cleaver craftsmanship ofthe moon tower, it couldn’t catch the angel but the selfless love and kindness, which king offered to the angel, sincerely caught her heart. In the end, Ruby, the angel of fierce pink wings, stayed on Earth with her own wishes and all the angels came to attend her marriage to the king. In a weeks time when the wedding ceremonies were going on, the visitors on the brides side, explored the amazing trenches and caverns of earth and fell in love with the place. Along with the mesmarising beauty of Earth beautiful heart of noble men like king Aluka made angels to change their assumptions about the ‘Blue planet’ … Since then magical creatures sometimes visit and even inhabit the deep beautiful forests and beaches of Earth. Since then sending gifts to Earthlings became a known practice in fairyland. And many angels visit our lands till date, to bring gifts to the bloodlines of angels who married on this planet afterall. This is why children all over the world are asked to be kind and sweethearted, so that angels could recognise their hereditary traits in them and give them presents every now and then. And this is the sole reason why Sumanian people recite the advantures of Ruby and King Aluka to their children as bed time stories. Afterall who could guess who are the real heirs of angels amoung all the cute little angels born in form of human babies.