Raji, a 19 years old girl who started to go to college after finishing her schooling. Her family supported her studies during the start of the course in college. Raji was put into trouble when her family wanted her to get married to a man who is 9 years older than her. As per her family’s decision and wish, she married him by withdrawing her studies. The phase of marriage was difficult for her to handle mentally as she was only surrounded by the thoughts of her career. She couldn’t able to shift her thoughts of her friends, college life, hostel life etc., Her husband wanted a child immediately for the sake of closing the mouths of the society. But her husband haven’t given her the chance to choose her own decisions in her life. He pushed her and rushed her to bear a child. Raji, as usual for the sake of her family’s happiness, both mentally and physically made herself ready to bear a child. But unfortunately, she couldn’t have a child as her husbands wish as she had some physical problems in her body. Knowing this, her husband abused her verbally then and there. This was not at all acceptable for Raji and she kept all these to herself and acted as she was happy with her husband. Later, Raji wanted to start a business as she had no money by herself for even small chocolate she couldn’t buy. Her approach towards her business idea was also not accepted by her husband. Finally Raji made a decision to start her business with her own money by working nearby. Her husband tortured her for her act and left her empty handed in road. She went to her mothers place and told everything happened. They were not happy for their decision to marry her very early. Then she applied for divorce which was her own decision in her life for the first time. She got divorced and again renewed her business and succeeded in life. 

Moral: Before asking a girl for her right age to get married, ask her wish if she is ready mentally for going into a commitment. Nothing works until someone’s mental health is good enough.