Shraddha and Harshit patch up out of their broken friendship. They plan for an outing at Uncleji ke Chole Bhature but Harshit gets late and in tension. What could have happened?

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Shraddha had apprehensions in her mind. What if he had some evil intention. Then she thought about Yogita’s support for her brother, she assured herself and nodded her head and said to herself,” Over thinking about it will not take me anywhere. Let tomorrow come. Everything would become clear by then.”

It was morning. Shraddha was going to college. She met Vijaylakshmi after long time. She was also going to college. They chatted about those good old schooldays and how those days ran away. Shraddha also told about yesterday’s event. Vijaylakshmi smiled and put her hand on Shraddha’s shoulder and said,” Harshit would not do anything as such and if he does anything, I am with you always.”

“Thanks dude! I really needed this advice.” Shraddha smiled at Vijaylakshmi.

Shraddha attended her classes but her palpitations increased as the clock was about to strike 1.

Her class got over at 1 and she was about to proceed to the canteen. Her classmate Preeti tapped her shoulder and she almost skipped a beat.

“Yaar, can you tell me how many chapters of Chaucer’s were coming for the next week’s test?”

Shraddha was getting worried and confused and Preeti was looking inquisitively at her for an answer.

“You know the syllabus, na?”

Shraddha came out of her apathy and said,” She had said 7 chapters. Like studying 1 chapter each day.”

Preeti twisted her face in dissatisfaction and said,” One should write a book on ‘ Kamini Ma’am and her Stupid Logics.’ Thanks anyways.” Preeti said with a smile.

Shraddha returned a smile.

Preeti  saw Shraddha for a while and said,” You okay na?”

Shraddha replied,” Yes I am fine.”

“I was noticing you during the class, you seemed tense. Preeti remarked,” If you’re in some trouble, I’ll help you.”

Shraddha thanked her and left for canteen.

Shraddha went to canteen. Among the four rows, on the farthest corner she saw Harshit talking with someone. Shraddha began to get butterflies in her stomach. That person left Harshit and then he saw Shraddha. He waved at her and smiled. His smile… Shraddha was about to get lost in it. Until Harshit came in front of her.

“Good afternoon.”

Shraddha came back from her reverie.

“Why so much respect for me?” Shraddha apprehensively asked. She looked tensed.

 Harshit read her expressions and said,” Let’s sit and talk.” They both sat facing each other,” You’re behaving as if you’re meeting me for the first time.”

Shraddha was quiet, lost somewhere far far away.

Harshit sighed.

“Look, I called you here to say sorry to you and forget all those tensions between us.” Harshit explained,” And Yogita must have told you about yesterday’s event.”

Shraddha nodded.

“Shraddha I am not liking your present behaviour. You’re such a cheerful person.” Harshit persuaded her. “Will you tell me what’s going on in your head?”

Shraddha looked at Harshit and said poignantly, ” I made you hate me, for whatsoever reason but you hated me. I feel guilty about that.”

Harshit scoffed and said,” I broke with Nisha. It’s past, it’s over. I know all that you’re saying and that is why I am here. To demand sincere apologies. Now come on give up your guilt. And I know that you can never hurt me so I am here to make you forget all that and let’s be buddies again.”

Shraddha looked at Harshit’s extended hand. She thought and then smiled and shook hands with him.

“Very well.” Harshit cheerfully said.

Shraddha said,” Now that everything is resolved, I have a small celebration plan. In my neighbourhood there is an eatery called Uncleji ke Chhole Bhature. Tomorrow is Sunday so we should hop in there. What say?”

Harshit said,” I have heard of that place. And their Chhole Bhature is out of the world, I must say. So when should we meet?”

Shraddha thought and said,” At around 10 in the morning. I’d love to have our breakfast there.”

“Then it’s final. We’ll meet there!” Harshit said then he looked at the watch and said,” I have a class now. I have to go.”

Harshit went. Shraddha smiled.

She texted Vijaylakshmi.

“Our differences resolved!! I’m so happy!! We’re planning to meet for a scrumptious Chole Bhature at Uncleji’s!!”

 Vijaylakshmi replied.

“That is a great news! Enjoy your date :D”

 Shraddha jumped with joy.

Sun rose for the next day. Shraddha was excited about the plan. She was humming tune of her favourite song. Her mother came in and was smiling as she looked at her daughter. After all, seeing the bliss of her baby whom she kept for nine months in her womb.

“I can’t express how glad I am, to see you like this.” Then she went towards Shraddha and caressed her head,” May God retain this happiness on your face always.”

Shraddha smiled and kissed her mother.

“I hope everything between you and Harshit remains unchanged.”

“Thank you Mumma.”


She reached  Uncleji’s Chhole Bhature eatery. She was waiting for Harshit at the entrance. It was 15 minutes after she reached and she got a call from Harshit.

“Shraddha, can you wait for 10-15 minutes? Actually I forgot about my Mausi’s gift which I had to buy yesterday and today is her birthday.”

Shraddha smirked and said,” So what about our plan?”

“Our plan isn’t cancelled, of course. I have called their servant Lakshmikant. He’ll come and take away the gift.”

“Don’t you think you should go and give the gift yourself?”

“I would not go there. Her children are the naughtiest lot. They won’t let me go, that is why I am in no mood to go.”

“Your Mom scolds you a lot if you’re unloyal to your family members..”

“You don’t worry about all that. I’ll manage.”

“You sure?”

“I’m sure yaar don’t worry. Give me some time.”

“Okay but try and be there asap. I am waiting with empty stomach and can’t wait for a long time.”

“I’ll be there soon.”

Shraddha was waiting and as she could smell the chola, her appetite went on increasing.

 It was around an hour of the call. Shraddha was getting furious as minutes passed by. She dialled Harshit’s number.

Harshit was exhausted. He was sitting on his knees on the road. Till he saw Shraddha’s call. Before he could say anything, Shraddha roared,

“Are you planning to come or not! You asked me to wait for 15 minutes. I did! Now you’re taking an hour! Tell me where are you!”

Harshit replied wearily,” I know you’ll be having a lot of questions. Let me reach there I’ll tell you everything.”

“What’s wrong. Are you okay?”

“Let me reach there. I’ll tell you.” With the same tone.

“Okay, but don’t keep me waiting.”

Shraddha, who was full of anger, had to mitigate her emotions out of Harshit’s concern. What might have happened? She thought.

After a few minutes Harshit reached the spot and saw Shraddha. She was perplexed as she saw Harshit’s countenance, which had tension.

She went to Harshit and asked with a tone of concern,” Will you tell me what made you take so long? And you don’t look alright, what happened?”

Harshit nodded and said,”I’ll tell you everything but first I’m damn tired. Can we sit down and talk?”

Shraddha searched for a seat and found one inside just near the entrance.

She gestured to the waiter and placed an order for two plates of Chhole Bhature.

As she saw Harshit putting his palms on his face, Shraddha sensed something has went really wrong.