Shraddha begins to develop feelings for her friend Harshit but Harshit loves Nisha. Shraddha lost her friendship with him. Will things fall back to their place?


Shraddha is a Literature student and it is her 2nd year. She was going to her college by bus. She was recollecting

those days when she expressed her desire to study Literature, to her parents. Her mother was very excited about this proposition but her father was not as he wanted his daughter to study subjects such as History or Philosophy but Shraddha was least interested. Her eyes gleamed as she thought about Literature. Later as she went on to convince her father, he agreed. Albeit there were apprehensions in his mind.

She was waiting for her friend, Harshit. Shraddha got introduced to Harshit through a common friend who was Shraddha’s classmate in school, Vijaylakshmi. Harshit was Vijaylakshmi’s neighbour and he studied Biochemistry in the same college where Shraddha studied. The bus stopped. Shraddha got up on her toes to see if he was coming. But he did not. Shraddha was disappointed. After she told Harshit that she liked him a lot, he maintained a low profile. Shraddha got awareness of the reason. Even after multiple “sorries” Harshit was not willing to listen. It was because he had Nisha. She was completing her course of Fashion Design. She came to college to meet Harshit quite often so Shraddha had seen her with Harshit many times.

Harshit’s behaviour of alienation towards Shraddha was pestering her day by day. She also explained Vijaylakshmi the whole scenario. Even she persuaded Harshit to stop behaving like that. Harshit was not willing to listen as he had told about this to Nisha and she had instructed him to stay away from Shraddha.

Shraddha had always viewed Nisha with suspicion. Not just because she lost her crush due to her but because she felt that Nisha was not a good person. She was rude and conceited in disposition. Shraddha had seen her talking rudely to a peon in college as he had accidentally spilled coffee on her favourite dress. She was shouting abuses on the peon. Even he got offended. A fight ensued. Nisha even slapped the peon. Harshit was merely witnessing the event. He did not stop Nisha. The Principal got to know about the incident and Nisha was barred entry into the college.

That day Shraddha was going to her class as one of her classmate Sanjay saw Harshit who was moving ahead of her.

“Harshit, your girlfriend is a true Hitler. How do you deal with her?” He said with a chuckle.

“Don’t you dare say a word against her!” Harshit retorted as he ran towards Sanjay ran away, looking and smiling at Harshit.

Shraddha smiled as she looked on.

“What are you laughing at? Yeah, you’d be loving the fact that Nisha has become a laughing stock in college. But she is a beautiful girl. You can never be like her.”

“True. I can never be like her and I have no regrets.”

Harshit looked at her with contempt. They both parted ways.

“Come Nisha, welcome to my place.”

Harshit’s sister Yogita had just woken up from a power nap. She was fed up because of her elder brother’s romance. “Love is a beautiful shit.” She used to say to her brother. It was a big topic of argument between the siblings.

“Don’t you have your Accounts tuitions, Yogita?”

“It got cancelled for today,” She replied as she looked at Nisha with an expression less face.

“Mom-Dad can come any moment. Didn’t get a better time or what?”

Nisha was shocked to hear this statement,” I don’t care who comes or who does not. And who are you to tell us?”

Yogita was enraged.

“I am Harshit’s sister! And for your information, I would not want my bhaiya to get reprimands, be it for any reason.”

“You better get aside girl!” And she pushed away Yogita.

Yogita made a grumpy face,” Bhaiya, is this the person whom you love? And excuse me, Ms. Whoever-you-are get some manners first.”

“You’ll teach me manners, huh?”

Harshit saw the brewing argument and retorted,” Stop it!” Then turned towards Nisha and said in a lower voice ,” Get lost Nisha.”

“Ask your sister to go away!” Nisha exclaimed,” And you know I love you so much..” And she caressed her hand on Harshit’s head. Harshit immediately removed her hand.

“I have seen enough of you. You may think I’m old school but this is not the way. That day, you slapped the peon, that day I could not buy you, your favourite purse you created a scene at the market and now you are arguing with my sister. I don’t want to be with a girl who gets annoyed on every petty issue of life. Everyone has their own self-esteem. No one has got time to act as if they’re your servant.”

Yogita was nodding her head.

Nisha got tears in her eyes,” I am sorry. I love you so much. Please forgive me. I will never do this again.”

“Just leave from here and my life. Don’t talk to me ever again.” He went towards the door, opened it and beckoned to Nisha,” Please leave and don’t you dare to come back ever again.”

Nisha made numerous pleads but all in vain. She went from there.

“I am proud of you bro. I told you earlier that she’s a rude and selfish girl. All is well that ends well.”

Harshit smiled and heaved a sigh. Then he became worried.

“What happened?”

“Do you have Shraddha’s contact? I had deleted it.”

“Vijay Di’s friend? Yes I have it. But what for?”

“I lost that friendship because of Nisha.”

“Ah, I know. That friend zone issue. Vijay di told me. Are you going to propose her?” Yogita chuckled.

“Of course not!” Harshit replied,” I want to stay away from all that. I just want to apologise for my mistake.”

“Why don’t you meet her in college? I think it’d be better if you talk to her about it face-to-face.”

Harshit thought for a while and said,” I think you’re right. That’d be good.” He gestured to Yogita’s cell,” I can atleast tell her the rendezvous.”

Yogita handed him her cell.

Shraddha was having a cup of coffee and her phone which was kept on her dressing table made a beep.

It was message from Yogita

” Hi. Harshit here.

I wanna meet u. Can you meet at 1 in the college canteen?”

Shraddha was not amused with the message. She called on the number.

Yogita received the call. She told everything about the breakup and her scuffle with Nisha and convinced her to meet him tomorrow.