It’s very hard to fight a deadly cancer at the age of 10, but she did it. ‘Joey’ was a joyful and fun loving girl. She used to live her life to the fullest extent. She never imagined that one day she would be bed ridden and fighting off her cancer to see a better world and explore more.

All of it started when she was only eight years old only. One day following her usual routine only she went to play outside where she felt a heart throbbing pain and for a second she felt like dying because she couldn’t bear it. She forgot to tell this at home and this happened to her many times but she never told anyone about it.

For a long time she ignored all these aches, until one day when she fell unconscious in her bathtub full of water while she went to take bath and none of her family members paid attention to this thing until her father found her missing for a considerable time period. He knocked the door many a times but there was no reply so he decided to break it. When he entered the bathroom he found his daughter lying unconscious in bathtub and her body colour had turned to blueish in colour. After treatment in hospital they came to know that all this happened because she was lying in the cold water for a long time period.

After a few days when she was discharged from hospital her health issues became more serious and again she was admitted to hospital and after all the remaining tests it was identified that she was suffering from Cancer. Her family was heart broken and especially her Dad. She was also shattered and she couldn’t smile like she used to. A

ll of them started remaining quite and no more smiles were visible at her home.

Seeing upon all these things she decided to cheer everybody. It took time to make everyone smile again but she it successfully. She succeeded in living a larger life if not longer.

As said in a famous saying “Add life to days not days to life” and with her positive attitude she did all of it.

She is no longer alive but she defeated her cancer by confronting it with a smile. Survival is always not the victory but she definitely won over her fears by being happy and keeping everyone else happy in her last moments also.

So, always remember to live a large life because who knows that it is long enough or not but making it bigger is your choice.

Always remain happy and keep others happy too.