Elena always knew there was something different about her.  As she grew older, she realized that she had a rare gift – the ability to see through the illusions and disguises of supernatural creatures that lived among humans. But she had always kept this ability a secret.

It began when she was thirteen. She was at a bank with her parents when a group of robbers broke in and took charge. She could see they were different. They were ‘seen’ vividly to her, in different colors compared to her parents and others at the bank. A week later, the news came out that the robbers weren’t humans but vampires.

It was some years after the robbers finished their jail sentence that she encountered one of the robbers. He was in front of a cake shop, looking intently at the chocolate cakes on display. She, driven by instinct, walked and stood beside him.

“Not gonna steal again, are you?” she whispered, without looking at him.

“Oh, really, now?”

“You don’t wanna go to jail for—”

“—stealing a cake? No, for God’s sake! Hold on, I’m buying it, okay? Just choosing which one for her birthday.”

Elena relaxed as the man turned and smiled at her. He seemed different now, not the dangerous criminal she had encountered before. As he selected a cake and paid for it, Elena’s thoughts were racing. Could he be trusted? Was he truly a changed man? After a moment’s hesitation, she decided to take a chance and asked him if they could talk. He agreed, and they headed to a nearby cafe.  As they talked, Elena realized that there was more to Jacob than she had previously thought. And so, their unlikely friendship began to blossom. They met quite a few times after that and talked about various things. He was ten years elder to her. But he was surprised at how deeply Elena understood and saw the world despite her young age. At one such meeting he brought with him a companion.

“Hello, Elena. I’m Colette. Nice to meet you.”

Elena wasn’t expecting Jacob to ever bring someone with him, so she didn’t know what to say or how to react.

“Oh, hey, hi.”

“I know you must be startled to see someone with him. I know about you two.”

“Elena, there’s something we want to talk to you about.”

Elena felt a wave of anxiety and curiosity wash over her. She had always sensed there was something different about Jacob, but now she was beginning to realize that there was something different about herself as well. She looked at Colette, who had a serious expression on her face. Elena braced herself for what was to come.

“Yeah, sure, tell me.”

“Elena, do you believe Jacob’s a vampire?”

“C’mon, Colette, that’s too—”

“Let me speak, Jacob.”

“Pardon?” Elena said.

“The news. It said all the robbers were not humans. What do you think about that?”

“Uh, well, do you? Jacob’s a nice — He’s nice, I like spending time with him.”

“Are you hiding something, Elena?”

And she told them about her ability. She doesn’t know if it is out of fear, pressure or instinct. They gazed at her for a moment, then smiled at each other.

“We knew it. And we need your help.”

“Do you trust me, Elena?” Jacob said.

She nodded, unsure of what was to come next.

“I’m a part of a special organization. We protect humans from supernatural creatures that pose a threat to them,” said Jacob.

Elena’s eyes widened. “What kind of creatures?”

“Werewolves, witches, demons, and other things you wouldn’t believe exist,” Colette said.

“We think the robbers are part of a rogue group of werewolves,” Jacob continued. “And they’re not the only ones causing trouble. We need your help to stop them.”

Elena was hesitant. She had never been involved in anything like this before. But she knew she couldn’t just sit back and do nothing.

“Okay,” she said finally. “I’ll help.”

“Elena, I know you have so many questions right now. Don’t worry, we will always be there with you,” Colette said.

“Elena, I knew you’d see through humans and us creatures, being different, the first time I met you. I’m a shapeshifter. Colette is a kelpie. Kelpies can see trouble coming.”

“Am I in trouble?”

“Well, yes, trouble is approaching. Chimera is back. It wants to seek revenge on Bellerophon. And now it’s more powerful than ever.”

“Where is this going, Jacob?”

“Bellerophon killed Chimera. I know this sounds absurd, as it is, to be honest. But it’s true. Now Chimera will wage war, and entire humanity’s blood will only satisfy it.”

“The organisation says this Chimera has an army of supernaturally powerful lions and venomous snakes and cunning goats. Now the army is scattered all around this planet, and gives its master news.”

“Its bloodquest has begun already, Elena, and it will soon come to this country. Now we need your help to find out more supernatural creatures and ask them to help us stop Chimera.”

Elena’s mind was spinning with the revelations. Creatures, legends, and a vengeful Chimera. It was a lot to take in.

“I’ll help,” Elena said with determination. “If there’s a chance to prevent this catastrophe, I won’t back down.”

Jacob and Colette exchanged a look of relief. “Thank you, Elena,” Jacob said. “We’ll need to assemble a team of allies. We’ll start by reaching out to the local supernatural community.”

Elena nodded, her newfound abilities tingling with a mix of excitement and apprehension. They took Elena to their base where she saw more creatures like them. Jacob took her aside and taught her how to control her ability. After a few hours, the three walked around the city. She pointed out those who were not humans and described how they looked like to her so Jacob and Colette could figure out what creature they were. They also went and confronted them, saying the same to everyone: “Two days later, come to the cave in the forest at 06 pm.”

They dropped Elena home in the evening.

The next morning, she asked Jacob to meet her in the garden.

“Jacob, I had a few questions.”

“Go on.”

“Um, why did you rob that bank five years ago? I mean, all those vampires, why were you a part of the robbery? And how did humans even get to know that the robbers were vampires? I mean, that took the city by storm, the news. ‘Do supernatural creatures even exist?’ were the headlines all around. Tell me, Jacob.”

“Well, Elena, why bring this up now? It’s all past; I’m a better creature now. And about the humans learning about us, I don’t know what to say to that. We’re always careful.”

“Ah, alright. Also, why do I see no news on TV or the internet about any attacks by a mythical creature? How’s that possible when Chimera is bloodthirsty and there’s no news whatsoever?”

“It’s smart, Elena. That’s all I can say.”

Jacob sighed. “Elena, there are things about my past that I’ve tried to leave behind. I was part of that robbery to survive, to protect those close to me. As for the humans discovering the truth, it was a consequence we couldn’t control.”

He paused for a moment, gathering his thoughts. “As for the lack of news about Chimera, it’s because of the secret alliance that works tirelessly to keep the supernatural hidden. They manipulate information, ensuring the world remains oblivious to the existence of mythical creatures. It’s a delicate balance.”

Elena nodded, absorbing the weight of his words. “I understand, Jacob.”

Jacob’s expression softened. “I’m glad you’re willing to accept this truth, Elena. Together, we can face whatever challenges lie ahead.”

It was D-day. Elena was in her room, looking at the sunset, pondering over what must be happening in the meeting in the cave. After the sunrays left the sky, she heard a howl. A loud yelp. It was unusual in her city. She understood the signal; Chimera must be here. The neighbourhood gathered outside their doors, exchanging confused and excited looks. Then one by one, they fell on the ground. Chaos ensued. Werewolves. They were killing every next human they could see. Elena was distraught.

She called Jacob. “Werewolves! How are there werewolves on Chimera’s side? Where are you all? Humans are dying! Hurry, Jacob!”

“Oh, Elena, this was bound to happen.”

Elena got startled because now Jacob stood in front of her window. She hung up the call and hugged him.

“Jacob, you are all wet. You smell… flesh and blood. Jacob —”

“You helped us a lot, poor dear Elena. Humanity will pay for centuries for the atrocities and abuse against us supernatural creatures!” He barked.

Elena withdrew her steps. She was breathing heavily. “You —”

“Yes, girl! We are in all ways superior to you puny humans yet we were divided and fell short and weak back then. Now, thanks to you, the organisation united every single one of us. Humanity will now perish!”

Elena’s heart sank as the truth unfolded before her. Jacob, whom she trusted the most and believed in, was part of a malevolent plan to seek vengeance on humanity. The realization hit her hard, but she couldn’t let despair consume her. Summoning her inner strength, Elena stepped back, distancing herself from Jacob’s twisted ideology. Her mind raced, searching for a solution amidst the chaos. She had to stop the impending disaster and save innocent lives. Ignoring Jacob’s taunts, she quickly devised a plan.

“I can’t believe I trusted that… creature! Chimera was a lie. He and Colette just used me. Oh, God, I was so dumb!” She said to herself, pacing across her room. Jacob had left her alive to see the downfall of humanity – of her trustworthy mistake.

She called the United Nations and told them everything. They understood it was just a mistake – a huge one indeed, but still – and didn’t get much angry with her. They said they’re sending troops, and if matters go out of hand, they’ll have no choice left but to use the ultimate weapon.

“No, you can’t! The nuke? Humans will perish anyhow!”

“We will do what we can, Elena. Stay safe.”

They hung up. She was teary-eyed, when something glowed of hope in front of her window.

She said, “Not all supernatural creatures are evil, Elena. They’re manipulated. Jacob and Colette also got manipulated. Don’t worry, dear. We fairies will help humanity.” She smiled at Elena.

A soft shimmer gradually filled the air. Fairies emerged from the depths of the forest, their wings sparkling with ethereal light. They spoke of their duty to protect the balance of the supernatural world.  With the newfound strength and support of the fairies, Elena and her allies launched a powerful counterattack. The tides turned in their favor as they unleashed their combined forces against Jacob and his army. The battle raged on, but this time, hope and unity fueled their every move. With the fairies on their side, humans conquered their fears and fought back bravely. And as the sun rose, the bloody war came to an end. Good triumphed over evil.

The fairies told the humans that the reveal of robbers as vampires years ago was the beginning. The organistaion intently let that happen to show that supernatural creatures do exist and live amongst humans. They wanted to spread fear and distrust, and divide you.

A few hours after the humans went back to their homes, the fairy who had first approached Elena came to her room.

“Let’s go now, Elena, to where you belong. It’s about time you know what you are.”