Ranjit is a young management Analyst specialized in the domain of operations & Supply chain, currently residing at Mumbai. His intention is to help millions to achieve their excellence. His enthusiasm and dedication simultaneously towards physics and spiritualism marks his roots to the city of temples, Bhubaneswar. Apart from his corporate assignments, Ranjit is not only enthusiastic enough to pen down the lessons learnt in life, but is also an empathetic mentor.
His debut self-published book “It’s not how, It’s why”, successfully attracted many young readers providing positive responses. This success encouraged many to collaborate & further was acquired by “Story Mirror” to reach out to many more youth across the nation. He plans to write a series of books, which revolves around self-discovery, pursuing ones passion and achieving ultimate dreams.
He often analyses the stories, incidents, and management practices that he come across in his daily life – that becomes the ingredients to his research works.

About Book: “It’s not how, It’s why”

“Be a reason for your success”
We all think to earn a lot of money, a large house to live, a luxury car, a lavish lifestyle, and to earn name and fame. So, as long as we are thinking anyway, why not think big?
With various upcoming theories, concepts and too many directions, today’s youths seems to chase “How to be successful” than realizing “Why to be successful”.
“It’s not how, It’s why” draws on simple personal experiences to stimulate and strengthen an individual’s desire to be successful and develop a greater sense of inner confidence and worth. This is a clear, down to earth book filled with 9 interesting reasons to tap the unseen potential of an individual who is longing to achieve prosperity in all aspects.

We will talk with Ranjit about his new book  “It’s not how, It’s why”

What is the story behind your book. Where did you get your idea for the book?

Since my engineering I was very passionate about building a business, staring a startup, creating a new business model and identifying a revenue generation stream out of it, which is very close to my heart.
Staring from “personal selling of computer educational products” to a “Tech start up” and ending up with a youth leadership training platform was the journey during the Engineering days itself. During the business tour , interaction with different students and intense research , it was found that with various upcoming theories , concepts & too many directions , today’s youth seems to chase “How to be successful” than realizing “Why to be successful”.

The term WHY owned its significance in my mind gradually and ahead during my Management studies at Europe , I thought to pen down whatever I have learnt from my Entrepreneurial life and provide  to today’s youth stating the fundamentals of life theories. This was appreciated by few of my friends in hostel, which forced me to approach publication houses. Then why not to come up with a book: It was a question?

With those feelings I converted fractions of my thoughts into a book in an intention to help youth’s to achieve their excellence. The script was self-published in to a book with only one thought that if at least 100 copies will be sold then I will assume that I have contributed something to the society. But surprisingly it got sold in multiple of 1000’s which encouraged me to go ahead. Further with Success, the title was acquired by Story Mirror for a national level distribution. Soon the title ran out of stock within 2 months and next edition is already out in the market too.

Challenges you faced while writing this book and in your life as an author?

The major challenge for me was to approach the publication house.  “I was very young to write such a book” – few executives from renowned publication house stated me. I was just a fresh management graduate and writing about success stories – It was not digestible by many of them. Most of them rejected me without understanding the plan. Convincing them was actually breaking through the thoughts. I still remember the sleepless nights and humdrum travel in the Mumbai locals to approach publication houses.
The next big challenge was to balance between the corporate hours & a space for me to write something valuable. Living your passion & managing your job for pay checks is always a big divide in mental peace.  But there’s no excuse, if I have to lead the crowd one day. My excuse shouldn’t dominate my “WHY”.

What is your life mantra?

Life is not about “How”, it’s purely about “Why”. Be very clear about what are you doing, and why are you doing it.  Rest will fall in its place automatically.

What is your writing process like?

My entire process starts with the end reader in my mind, a society in a whole. Which part of the problem am I trying to address, and what exactly the solution I’m trying to give to the millions of youths. I liked to write something original, something new.
Later defining the way these solutions to be presented in a form of concepts or stories. Gathering the details, making enough research and then plotting down the story line with the characters in build in it, becomes the crux.

Anything special about your book that you want to share?

The examples in form of stories to support the concepts used in this script, makes the book different from the rest of the self-help books. Especially the real life examples included will make one feel special.

According to you, what are the three qualities an author must have to achieve success?

An Author as a person need to be a source of inspiration & must have an intelligence to observe actively, possess a power of thinking wisely and must have a grudge to implement the lessons in personal life.

What are your plans for next book?

I am working on my next book, and this it would be a novel focusing current start up environment where the take away will be revolving around pursing one’s passion & self-discovery. The nation will have this master piece live by end of this year.

What advice do you have for young writers?

I would say that a young writer has to be very clear about why they want to write a book. It’s not that my neighbour or friend has written a book, so should i, rather one should feel deeply to express his/her views to the world , that would change the way people look at something. Your book should change the society by certain magnitude. That’s should be the objective.

Share a quote or line that has been your inspiration.

If you want to shine like a sun, then definitely you have to burn like it too.