It is raining heavily and everyone in the college back lawn is dressed in their Halloween costumes, even mom, dad and the principal, there is also my childhood crush. And is that Adam Levine walking towards me?

Uh-oh, the alarm rings! Alas, ended the beautiful dream!

Usually all of us witness dreams; some in a regular basis, others very rarely. To a layperson, dreams are a part of our sleep and it glorifies our night with our unprecedented kingdom of imagination. However, this has been a close and a significant subject matter to people who deal with human behavior and mind, referred to as psychologists or therapists. Psychoanalysts look upon dreams as symbolic representation of an individual’s unfulfilled desires present in the unconscious mind. The images of our dreams are symbols which signify our intrapsychic forces. Dreams use symbols; they are the indirect expressions which try to tell us some tale, without making our conscious mind aware of it, to evade anxiety as our mind does every possible thing to escape or steer clear of the threshold of anxiety which might obstruct our reality.

To Sigmund Freud, dreaming provided a playground for the unconscious mind. The father of Psychology was the first to focus on the concept of dreams. His school of thought proposed the dream interpretation method to elicit the nature of intrapsychic conflict, under the Psychodynamic therapy. The focal point of this treatment is to make the client write down their dreams upon waking up. This helps the therapist to infer the psychic nature of the client to reach the roots of the enduring difficulties faced by that individual’s mind. However, newer theories hold that dreams help the brain to consolidate emotional memories, to work through our current problems.

Psychologists embrace many notions that explain the concept of dreams. Dreams are more often than not, an indication of something oblivious to the beholder; they are also a manifestation of our much wanted wishes.

Another approach to it tells us that dreams might be related to our past life, though this approach sounds somewhat unrealistic, it’s quite fascinating. For instance, if a girl sees kissing her cousin brother in her dreams, it does not mean she has generated feelings for him, it could perhaps mean the cousin brother was her husband in her previous life. Sounds very interesting indeed! How far which approach is validated depends upon our mind’s functioning.

There exists an interesting fact about dreams which will surprise each one of us. It is believed that our mind is incapable of creating faces of people, which in turn notifies us that the unknown people or faces that we see in our dreams are not created by our mind, but in fact, those faces were in actuality witnessed by our most essential sensory organ, the eyes, and henceforth stored in our subconscious mind. Does not our mind sound indeed like a mysterious yet a beautiful maze?

Often the questioning of the remembrance of dream right after waking up is a very common one among people, the answer to this is that it’s just like jogging; the body does not remember every step but it knows it has exercised. It has been tuned up. It’s the same idea here: dreams are tuning the mind. Also, like mentioned earlier dreams cannot be brought to our consciousness, once done so, it brings alongside a huge well of anxiety that hinders with our everyday functioning of life.

Dreams always have a story to tell. A story untold, a story that reveals itself through the self designed path. Various books have been written on this topic. One of the famous books named, ‘Interpretation of the Dream’ by Sigmund Freud, reveals innumerous information and significance of each kind of dream. There are many people who understand and extract implication of their dreams by attaching them to their everyday worries or fears. Once we are capable of doing this, life becomes much easier as we know about the aspects of life to welcome peace into.

That ominous dream of people, including my parents, childhood crush, college friends and faculty, gathered on the back lawn of college that too, on a rainy evening for Halloween party with Adam Levine? Probably meaningless! But how about it meant that I am worried about managing my lives at college and home at once, and that my secret desire to find a handsome love interest is approaching my life finally! Umm, sure, I would love to hear your interpretations of my dream as well.



“The question of dreaming bothers many of us almost every other day. Sometimes we witness dreams that make us elated or place us in a situation that makes us wonder about what had just happened. I dream a lot myself and I love interpreting my dreams to make sense out of it because I believe that everything in life has a meaning and life tries to reveal itself through various indirect manners and experiences. All we have to do is pay more attention to those little things in life; for us to be much sorted and have a simplified existence.”