The owner where Shonti was working for a few days asked him to cut a tree and bring it. Shonti picked up his best ax and went to try his hand at the tree.

He waved his hand for hours but the tree did not get cut. Shonti was drenched in sweat. Perhaps the way of cutting was not right, the ax was falling straight or maybe the edge itself was deceiving.

He did not get success for a long time, then one of his loyal friends “Monti” passing by suggested that – “Why don’t you sharpen the edge by rubbing it on a stone?”

After listening to his advice, Shonti said – “I cannot waste time. I have to cut this tree by tomorrow.”

Now some people are also like our Shonti. Those who just go on working, go on doing it. They don’t do anything to improve it. Repeating the same mistake again and again. While this should not be done.

We should keep bringing new improvements in our work, so that it takes less time to do our work, but the work can be done faster and better than last time.

Even in the “world’s oldest language” Sanskrit, a verse is found on time that ~

इदमद्य करिष्यामि श्वः कर्तास्मि इति वादिनम् ।

कालो हरति संप्राप्तो नदीवेग इव द्रुमम् ॥

Idamadya karishyami shvah kartasmi iti vadinam.

Kalo Harti Samprato Nadiveg Iv Drumam.

As the current of the river carries away the tree, in the same way, the time that has arrived, takes away the one who says, “Today I will do this, tomorrow I will do that”.

We learned from this story that “our time is very precious”. We do not have to waste it unnecessarily, and do something for our society and country.

Reader, Have a nice day…🙂


  1. Nidhi Shankar

    This tale effectively illustrates the significance of the adage “work smart”. All the individuals in the world who work hard all day long and remain where they were yesterday are the same as Shonti. The need to adopt new strategies that will help you outperform everyone else who could possess the same skill set as you has arisen as a result of the increased competitiveness in today’s environment. Time is valuable and cannot be turned back for you, so appreciate it and make the most of every minute.

    The basic plot of the novel hasn’t altered, despite a few small grammar and spelling mistakes that are readily fixed. Additionally, it’s important to consider how tense is used in writing. This story definitely has the potential to turn into a eye-catching and compelling story.