As the heading says about the word “teen” everyone would be searching for different words connected with that one single word. But it’s going to be the reality here. By teens it’s normal and usual to fall in love, attract a person, going through trauma, having strict parents. But you know what, this story is not for normal people. It’s for legends (Psychopath) like me. Let’s get into the screen. 

Imagine yourself as a teen now. You’re in your 18th age looking at your television and having a mango in a plate. As nobody knows this, I wanna mark that we are legends who are good at multitasking but we never accept. At this time you should’ve identified what I meant as multitasking here. Yes, watching TV and getting mangoes in to your mouth. There won’t be anything interesting running in the TV (in the minds of our parents) but for us it’s the life. We’ll go back to the cartoons that we watched when we were as a baby. Whenever you watch cartoons there will be definitely a person who keeps blabbering as if the world is fallin’ apart. That person would be either your mother or your grandmother. But our father never complaints us watching cartoons, might be he’ll mingle with us and watch the show till it gets end. It’s not our grandparents mistake that they’re not understanding how we are fond of the cartoons but the mistake is, not letting us to speak, not giving enough attention to our words or thoughts. When the girl child talks against or give appropriate answer to the elders, it’s considered as we rebel. As we need not want them to start a lecture- a new chapter, we just permit them talk and be silent. And this is the main root cause of our trauma and depression. The thing is we need to stand against them whe someone is trying to prove that we are wrong when we do things that makes us happy. Don’t let anyone to take over you!