I had a love marriage and when I saw her for the first time it felt like that we are made for each other. I still remember that I was ready to marry her at any point of time she said.

Her voice was very sweet and as mesmerizing as that of wind chimes and her smile was enchanting like a magic which left me spellbound.

I was excited about our marriage and without knowing anything about her I married her even though my parents were against it but I was confident that they will like her too like I love her.

For a few months everything went well and I felt that I was happiest person on this planet. Our mother joined us as she was not keeping well since a long time. After a point of time the things started to change and take a different turn. I noticed that my wife’s behavior wasn’t same anymore and she had started to ignore me and my family. She was not the same cheerful smiling wife whom I had married. We started fighting over issues which seemed to be non-existent between us at the time of marriage.

I never said her anything since I loved her very much and I always thought that it was her right to ask for things and sacrifices from me if any were required. As the life seemed to me it wasn’t like that the reality was hidden under the darkness which wasn’t visible to me till the time she started to abuse me. I couldn’t believe that I was just a step in her ladder to reach at her destiny. She started to abuse me physically, mentally and emotionally. She was so overpowering that I couldn’t come over her shadow. I was afraid of her and always lived under her terror. I tried to unmask her but she had already plotted a story in her favour and she warned me a number of times about the consequences of my actions on me and my family and also she demonstrated that what all she can do and I wasn’t left with any other choice.

Because of my silence she has become such a powerful, strong and reputed woman today that she and her supporters could dispose me off at place on this planet if I tried to even report any complaint about her.

Through my story I just want to convey that it’s not only men who are wrong at all times, a woman can also be ruthless and a source of harassment for a man. I just want the people to accept this face of society too and help men like me who cannot do anything due to some reasons. So, instead of making fun of us please help us protect our dignity.

I just wanted to tell that it’s not always women who suffer or sacrifices her life, men are sensitive too and we just need a little support from our society to stand with us.

The sufferers have no gender and they are people who are just being used by other’s for their selfish motives.