Leaving something behind is never easy for anyone, and Neha is no different. She never leaves her house for vacation; in fact, she is scared to leave her comfort zone. That’s why she chose the nearest college. However, life can be unpredictable, and it always has a plan. After her father’s death, she needs to find the best job because she now has to take care of her mother and her younger brother, who is in the 10th grade. A new city, a new house, a new job, and new people—how could she keep going? But after staying here for a month, she is starting to make her house a home. She has found two or three people she connects with and the best place to eat. This evening, as she reflects on all of this, she remembers a quote her dad used to say, “Life can be hard but not impossible.” Her dad was the coolest person she ever knew—fearless and always ready for new challenges—but she is completely different. She loves her comfort zone and prefers to stay at home as if she lives in a different world, a world full of books. One thing she loves is reading new books, but these days she barely has time for it. It’s not that she doesn’t want to read; she is trying to discover a new side of herself, a side her dad always wanted to see. She wants to become a new person who opens up to friends and is unafraid of new challenges. Every day, she strives to be a good person, someone who lives in the real world and can accept that life can be unfair, but she will make it fair. She promises her dad every day that she will make him proud, and by some miracle, she feels a gentle breeze, as if her dad is blessing her. She won’t give up, she won’t go back; she will keep moving forward.