Aviral ran in haste towards Aditya’s house when the news broke out that the IIT-JEE results were out. There was an intense blend of feelings including nervousness, excitement and a puny fear as well. Adrenaline rush was at its maximum for Aviral as he scorched through the streets to reach his friend’s house as none other of his acquaintances had a desktop with an internet connection at that time.

His eyes were appearing to be a treasure for any poet due to the immense and intense amount of emotions which were brimming up to his eyes. Almost there, he said to himself as he reached close to Aditya’s house. Suddenly, he encountered Parikshit’s father on the way, as a result of which he decelerated down and halted to greet him. “So, going to take admission in any private engineering college?” his father asked Aviral in a taunting mode. “Not yet decided uncle”, Aviral replied with a faking smile on his face as he had thousand other thoughts bombarding on his mind’s walls at that stage of time.

“If you are looking for one in our region I can get you admitted with a waivered fee as well”. He nudged a bit and politely moved out of there and finally reached Aditya’s house. “Aditya, open the door, mate!” he called upon with a storming voice. Aditya came up at the door and asked in a yawning voice, “What happened Aviral, why are you here so early, today?” I ain’t early pal you are sleeping till so late, he replied. Boot up your desktop, fast, he added. “But for what?” asked Aditya. “The results are out; I can’t wait anymore now I’m dying out of nervousness.”

Keep calm, mate I’m booting it up. They both sat in front of the desktop, Aviral entered his roll number and clicked!……

It all started three years back, Aviral was a son of a watchman in a soap manufacturing company and his mother used to stitch clothes to earn some money for a living. They didn’t have that much capital invested for Aviral that he could attend a reputed schooling. As a result of disinterested teachers in his government school, Aviral lost his likings for studying and never fared well in the exams. So Aviral’s father proposed his company’s manager for a low grade job for his son in that company. The manager readily agreed and Aviral started working as a packing operator of soap caskets.
Life was running the usual way until a serious crisis occurred in the company. A flood of customer complaints started rolling in stating that many of the soap packets were packaged vacant without any soap cake inside it. A corporate level meeting was called for the same issue.

Many of the engineers gave ideas of various instrumentations that would separate the vacant and the filled packet but all of those techniques were costing in millions which was not feasible for the company. Aviral came inside the meeting hall for some clerical work. He saw the officials of the company were distressed due to the severe issue. Suddenly the Executive Director asked his employees if anyone had any other idea to resolve the issue. Aviral raised his hand as he was standing aside near the drawers. The manager asked Aviral if he wanted something. Aviral stated that he could easily resolve the issue and the crisis without any instrumentation or added investment.

All the employees smiled in amusement thinking low of his capabilities. On asking how he would do that, he replied that a strong table fan should be placed before the final packaging is done as a result of which the vacant packets would fly off due to the fan’s blow and the heavy soap containing packets would stay intact and get packaged.
There was a stun silence in the meeting hall. Everyone was jolted for a minute. The engineers of the company got goose bumps.

The Director clapped in zest and applied his methodology to the packaging department. Soon, all the customer complaints vanished and the company’s profit skyrocketed even more than before. The Director asked Aviral if he wanted to study engineering but Aviral had no clue of it. The director talked to his father and got Aviral admitted in the best school of the city as well as a coaching institute which would provide him guidance for the competitive exams like the IIT.

With a really weak academic base, Aviral joined the school as well as the coaching. The concepts and the chapters flew over his head like a supersonic jet. The real trouble had started to begin for Aviral.
A known boy Parikshit was also in the same coaching. His performance in the tests was impressive. Aviral asked Parikshit to guide him regarding the basic concepts of science and math. But Parikshit used to boast off his knowledge and never helped others. He denied Aviral for any kind of help though he knew him very well. Life ran the same way for both. Finally they both appeared for the exam, result came after some time Parikshit secured a really reputed college in Delhi but missed a rank in IIT whereas Aviral didn’t secure any rank anywhere.
After Parikshit entered the college, Aviral again asked him for guidance in search of some hope. Parikshit talked very bluntly this time; he told him “I even after being such a talented guy couldn’t get into IIT, then how could you even think of the word IIT even in your dreams. Stop calling me for guidance again and again and no need of such hard work if you have no talent dwelling inside you.” The call ended…….
Aviral got extremely depressed by these words. He thought that he could never achieve anything in life. He thought to give up the idea of appearing for the IIT entrance for the second time. He went to the Director of the company in which he worked and thanked him for his support but also admitted his inability to crack the IIT entrance and stated that he would again start working at the same post in the company as he was working before.
The Director was shocked to hear this. He put his hands on Aviral’s shoulders and said, “Aviral, my boy for me you became the best engineer of the world on the same day when you gave that revolutionary idea. You are already an IITian only what is left is your rank that the people will know after next year’s results are announced. Always remember that hard work beats talent, when talent does no hard work! Even if the IIT selects only one child from the nation have that faith in yourself that it would only be you! Life will offer you many Parikshits all you need to do is accept their challenge and win over them rather than getting depressed and victimized by such people. A man is, what he thinks of himself! Go, my boy chase your dreams, life has just begun!” Aviral was jolted for a second and charged up to the brim. The director’s words struck his mind like a thunder; a new Aviral stepped out of the director’s room. He went straight to his room locked the door from inside and made a herculean study plan which he began to follow religiously. Problems came he felt the pain as well at times but he tried and tried and tried until he started resolving his problems. He cleared all his doubts, did rigorous practice and locked himself inside that room most of the time for the next one year.

For the next one year, he burnt the midnight oil and put his blood and sweat for that one thing called IIT.
Finally the D-day came Aviral wrote the IIT entrance exam, the exam didn’t go up to his expectations but he thought to wait for the results…..

He reached Aditya’s house on the day when the results came out. They both sat in front of the desktop; Aviral entered his roll number and clicked!
The screen displayed. He entered again the screen showed the same page, he got depressed, although his heart was in mouth. He entered his roll number for the third time in the query box and loading occurred but this time what the screen showed was something out of the world. AVIRAL KUMAR(AIR : 1512) was written in bold.

Tears began to flow through Aviral’s eyes. It was a mixed moment for him. All his hard work had paid off. Those sleepless nights, those painful days, those taunting moments, the director’s words; all these things were floating together in his mind. The boy next door had became an IITian and was going to change the lives of hundreds others like him.

Finally, after some days Parikshit called him up to congratulate and this time Parikshit asked Aviral how he cleared IIT. This time Aviral replied positively, “HARDWORK BEATS TALENT WHEN TALENT DOES NO HARDWORK!”
And the call ended…….