Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Suhail. He had a story to tell, a story about his first love, his last love, and the love he lost. He believed that when love enters your life, you should open your heart and let it in. When people asked him if he was in love, he would reply, “No, love is in me!” These were the words of his Nilufar. At the time, he didn’t fully understand the depth of those words, but as the years went by and she was no longer in his life, he realized the truth behind them—the intensity and passion in her voice.

Nilufar was his senior. They attended St. Augustine’s Day School in Kolkata. When he transitioned from the Primary Section to the Middle Section, he first laid eyes on her. She was a cheerful and cute girl, the kind of person everyone wanted to be friends with. Little did he know that their friendship would become something more.

Fate played a role in their story. Every year during their school exams, their seating arrangement would place them together. Whether side by side or in front and behind, they were always near each other. This constant proximity deepened their bond, and as time passed, Nilufar became more than just a friend to him. He fell in love with her, and his friendship with her became a turning point in his life. She guided him in ways he couldn’t have imagined. His initial belief that it was just infatuation gradually transformed into a deep and profound love for her.

From the following year onwards, in 2004, they started spending more time together both inside and outside of school. As members of the Netaji House, they played pranks on each other. He would arrive at school early during his traffic duty just to tease her as she entered. He made sure to stand beside her during the assembly, cherishing the chance to catch a glimpse of her and engage in conversation.

Years passed by, and they grew closer. But their time together was limited. In 2007, on the day of the grand farewell for the outgoing Class 12 students, he felt a mix of joy and sadness. Joy because he could celebrate their time together, and sadness because he knew he wouldn’t be able to see her as often after that day. However, he couldn’t bring himself to confess his feelings to her.

On that day, she wore a black sari, a symbol of farewell, with white designs printed on it. She looked absolutely stunning, captivating everyone’s attention. To everyone’s surprise, she was crowned with the Miss Augustine’s Award for 2007, adding to the memorable nature of the occasion.

After completing school the next year, he discovered that she had chosen to pursue a degree in Law at the University of Calcutta, rather than the expected B.Com. He visited her house, hoping to connect with her, but both times she was not at home. It was during this period that he truly realized his love for her.

Distance has a way of making you appreciate the moments you shared with loved ones. Nilufar had become a significant part of his life, and he regretted not expressing his feelings when he had the chance. Although she might have someone else in her life now, he held no jealousy or sadness in his heart. He understood that one doesn’t always get everything they wish for.

Standing there, he declared that he still loved Nilufar, and he would continue to love her until the end of his days. She was his first and last love, and he held on to the memories they shared. In those final words, he expressed his love and longing for her—his friend, Nilufar.

And that marked the end of his so-called “love story.”