This story is based on the infamous saying that “Nobody is born a criminal, conditions make them one” or something like this.

The main protagonist of the story is a Muslim man Nadeem. He has faced a lot of hardships in life and would have been facing them until one person came into his life and changed it forever.

Nadeem is a house painter and people hire him to paint their house with new colors. He had his golden period where he was not free literally for days and would get new projects every day. But lately, he was not getting any work due to increase in competition with the younger generation who was able to finish the work in two hours whereas the same piece of work took him four hours, so people were now hiring younger generation in this business.

“Go out and find work, we don’t have food even for the evening”

“I am unable to do so, but still I’ll try again”

The above conversation took place between Nadeem and his wife Rosie. Rosie was worried because they had nothing to eat even for the evening as Nadeem was not able to find a single piece of work. In the hope to find some decent work he again went to the spot with his equipment and sat with the other painters in the line waiting for being hired.

Every day was worse than the previous and his hope to find work diminished with every passing hour, there were days which crushed his motivation as he would be the only one to sit in the place while all other people got hired and would work and earn. He soon had to find some work if he had to keep his family running. But all the doors seemed to be closed at the present time. The conditions were so hard that he finally decided to enter the criminal world in the hope to earn a bit and survive. He knew few of his friends that were in the same business and contacted them for some work.

First of all, he was called for a meeting in a dark secret place at almost midnight and as given an assignment to be a part of a robbery gang which was goinf=g to rob a jewelry store the same night. Nadeem resisted a bit but when he came to know about his share which was a hundredth of the total value robbed, he readily agreed to participate.



That night they robbed around 2 crores worth of jewelry from the store and as promised he received two lakh in hard cash. Two lakh was the maximum income for one year that he earned in his golden time and he received it the same day for robbing a store which involved 3 hours of maximum work. This really motivated Nadeem to continue this path. What he did not realize was the risk and the demolished morals involved in this work, money is what attracted him to this business.