The repeating efforts of running away bring more curses to Neha. However, not just curse but, Rajesh beating her up with more brutality each time. The last and the fourth attempt did not bring an end to Neha’s struggle to run or lose hopes of not fighting this time. This time it is different as if she has an encounter with empowerment, feminist and heroism. She has zeal to fight and curiosity to run again and to know whether Rajesh and his family do stop finding her or not. A little has somehow found the courage to fight against the injustice done with her.

The moment Rajesh find Neha running away in the desert, he gropes her and makes her sit in the car with a lot of force. She still has the courage to run but, Rajesh is holding her firmly and is not allowing her to move even a bit. The aggression with which Rajesh is holding Neha speaks a lot about the future of that day. Rajesh is going to beat the hell out of Neha today. They reach their village and Rajesh takes Neha to the middle of the village. He shouts and calls everyone there. He says, “This is what one should do when their wives try run.”

He removes Neha’s clothes violently almost tearing them apart. He starts beating her up like an animal and he is unstoppable. Then someone comes and stops him. Neha is bleeding from everywhere in her body. However, she speaks and says, “I ran fourth time and you are doing this to me. I have the courage to run again and then again. Nevertheless will you have the courage to come here again and beat me like this again? However, you might not be a “MAN” as you have the audacity to remove my clothes in front of the whole village and not to kiss me even one day in our private sphere. And you call yourself a man or a husband.”

She slaps him and his male ego and she starts walking towards her in laws house without putting even a single piece of cloth on her bare body. She turns back and says, “I am never going to run ever again in my life. And that too from a non-human being and a man.” She walks with confident and her body covered with pride. No one knows what will happen with Neha now. However, everyone knows that Rajesh is going to drink heavily with anger and hurt ego.

That night enters his house and encounters silence. He thinks that Neha’s anger has come to an end and it is the right time to show her that who is the real man. He starts removing his clothes to conquer Neha’s body. However, Neha is well aware of Rajesh’s deed. She has a big vessel full of boiling hot water in her hands. He jumps inside the room to establish himself as a man again in his house. However, his whole body is burning with whole front body. His male organ (Weapon) is grievously hurt.

Rajesh is shouting in pain and calling for help. However, after today what happened in the village. Everyone shut their ears and thinks that this is the best. Neha, who is a little girl, has become an angry Indian goddess (KALI). She then pours a lot of red spice on his body and a handful on his burning male organ (Weapon). He is crying, screaming and calling for help. When his mother and father comes to help him and save him. She picks up a very sharp knife and dares them not to come forward.

She is a violent beast fighting for the evil to stop. She is a ray of hope and her own saviour. She has suddenly become an angry Indian goddess (KALI) who is protecting herself respect, dignity, pride and her womanhood. Neha with a grin saw Rajesh dying slowing and Neha winning the game of ‘unslaving” herself from the vicious circle.