How happy I was to know that we would shift home. My parents told me that we would be moving into another area which was on the outskirts of the town. It was a relief because we would be out of the noisy and dusty town. We decided to live in the countryside where we could feel the fresh air. There would be so peaceful. People there are filled with love, innocence, and care. There would be no skyscrapers. There would be no pollution. The air, the water, and the earth will be so pure. There would be calmness in the region. We will be so close to nature.

Finally, we moved into our new house. “Will there be anyone of my age here?” Wondered Had to wait for the answer.

The moon had set in and it was the first night in our new house. There was no sound in the streets. Now and then, the voices of people stretched walking could be heard. The silence stretched and I felt it was too long a night. The sound of the barking dogs made me jump up with fright.

I soon got used to the silent nights filled with the sound of barking dogs. There was one dog in particular with black spots all over its body that roamed in the street during the day. It stood in the front of my house and looked at me with eyes that told me that it was yearning for love and affection. I tried not to look at it as it was stray dog Soon I had to accept it as it never moved away from my sight. I started feeding it with bits of bread slices now and then. Our friendship grew.

Days went by, I noticed a change in the dog One night I heard strange cries near my house. The next morning I saw that the dog had given birth to six puppies. The puppies were cuddling up to their mother. Four of them looked just like her, one was a different color The sixth one was not normal. One of its limbs was stuck to its body. However, its face was seemingly attractive I gave milk to the mother and her pups. I felt very happy and content when I did this.

Soon I realized that the dog and her puppies were no longer around. The following week I heard a soft barking sound. I ran and found the little pup that had its limb stuck to its body outside I could not for sake it I bought it home and fed it.This little friend now shares my happiness and sorrows and is always by my side. The puppy was so cute. He used to drink milk everyday and would protect our house. He made me so happy everyday with his love. I would used to love him back with more care.

We both lived together, dance together and had lots of fun together. It look like we both were the best friends. We both were complete.