My Mystical Journey-

The world is full of magic and contains hidden connections along with a bunch of twists and turns. And just like that the path of two lone birds crossed. The story of my mystical adventure starts with characterizing myself as a curious and perceptive individual, unknowingly Intersecting ways with someone destined to be out of reach. It came like a mysterious figure and unexpectedly became the missing piece of an unsolved puzzle.

It all began with an accidental meet. She was just a name when I first met her, a name connected to my friend’s quash fantasy. But I had no idea that the enigmatic forces at work had more aspiring plans for me. And once again our ways intersected as a result of fate’s forces, but this time the cosmos suggested a deeper relation, a relation which will last forever.

Her vibrant atmosphere intrigued and drew me toward her, like the sun attracting all the planets in the solar system. So out of sheer curiosity, I took a deep breath and asked her about another girl with the motive of growing our friendship. These small efforts and things unknowingly triggered a string of actions that would unriddle an enthralling love story.

Over time, our friendship grew and a transparent connection grew between us. It felt like an invisible wire connected our lives, pinning our hearts together. It was like our connection became the missing piece of the unsolved puzzle, but despite that, we were unaware of the bond that fate had written for us.

Our tale survived the maze of obstacles put by life. Though the shadows projected disagreements and erupted uncertainty, our love stood tall and exterminated the darkness. It was as if our souls were bounded by some secret magic only known to the whispers of the universe.

The Magic grew strong as we both discovered the astounding harmony between us. We shared thoughts, our passion aligned, and had personalities that mirrored one another. Every new conversation added to the sensation that something uncommon and unusual was happening, it was like a riddle was calling for our help to be solved so that we can experience its true beauty.

However, a secret persisted between us, and as time went on and our connection grew, and its cloak gradually lifted. The mysterious wire that bound us held the solution to solving the riddle that connected our lives. But despite the magic, the one fact that remained persistent was the knowledge that our paths intertwined and are controlled by forces beyond cognizance.

As our tale of love progresses, the hidden truth of the string that links us will gradually emerge. And we will begin the sail on a journey of discovery together, delving deeper into the ramification of our connection. And through this journey, one thing that won’t change is my unwavering conviction that we are purported to shred this incredible mystery, a Mystery shrouded in magic and yet destined to triumph.

And thus, with each new chapter, our tale becomes more and more magical waiting to be answered. And together we will negotiate the twists and turns, guided by an unwavering love that defies logic and transcends the normal. So we know that the answers to our common secrets are quietly hidden in the enormous fabric of our mutual destiny, guiding, me to a truth deeper than anyone could ever fantasize.

Thankyou for reading,

Mrinmoy Kalita.