This is the story of a 17 year old girl, Divi and a 19 year old boy, Mani. The story starts when they were in the same school in 6th standard. She was a bubbly, sweet, cute and a chubby girl with whom no guy would ever wish to be in love and he was so robust that he did not prefer to talk to any girl. Both studied together for 2 years, in the same class…in the same section but never had any eye contact.


Time went on; she remained in the same school. He changed his school and 5 years passed by. She was the class topper and he, first from behind. One day, Divi and his family changed their home and shifted from a rented apartment to their own bought flat, but in the same locality…and that too in the same lane as that of Mani. She kept hiding from him but destiny had some other plans for them. Whenever she tried to escape, she would be encountered with him. Then, with a deep heart, she had to smile at him.

Whenever she would come at the balcony, unknowingly, he too would come and smile at her. She also would smile and would just go away. This would happen multiple times a day. At once she thought, it was mere coincidence. But then she got to know that he knew her timings of coming out, going to school et al. When both were in 11th standard, on Rose day, he asked one of her friends to give her a rose.

Although she accepted it but only out of excitement. They started talking; he would accompany her to her coaching classes in 12th. Sometimes, he would also drop her on his bike. Both were having a lovely time together.

They started coming close but one day, Divi told about her feelings to her friend, Renu. She conspired her against  Mani by saying that he was not of her standard and that she should stay away from him. Divi gave that thought a shot and started ignoring him, showing attitude to him as if she did not know her. Her 17th bday came,she went in a hurry to the coaching but suddenly,on the way..she was stopped by him. He gave her a chocolate and bid goodbye.She did not want to be with him anymore. She was blindfolded by the stuff said by Renu.

On the day of her practical, she bought one of his friends as his boyfriend and warned him to stay away. But destiny again had some other plans.

He got to know about this “fake boyfriend” from her friend only. But still,he did not tell her. Time passed by. He still cared for her,looked at her whenever she passed  by,  took her for ice-cream treats.

One evening,she was out. He came. She waived her hand to say hi, but he ignored and went away. This thing angered her a lot. Out of fit of rage, she cut slit her wrist. This act of hers melted Mani that if a girl could slit her wrist just because he ignored her, how much love would she give him. She too loved him and finally confessed the truth about her friend cum bf and got to know that Mani already knew about it.

On 10th march, she went to his home, hugged her, kissed and said those 3 golden words. Both gave promise to each other to fulfill the void of love both had in their lives and never to part ways, whatever maybe the situation. And from that day onwards, both were head over heels in love with each other.

She went into a regular college and he, was doing his graduation from open learning school. Both met daily, used to talk for hours over phone calls. She used to come home early so that could spend quality time with him. Everything was going well until he got to know about her dark past, about her traumatized relationship with one of his friends.

It was almost 6 months of their relationship when she told him. He still forgave her, why??? Because of the unconditional love he had for her.

He said,”You were a kid and what you did, was a mistake. I am with you. Don’t worry.” He then just kissed swiftly on her forehead and went away. This was the love, trust and care they shared.

Both were each other’s strength. He made her brave to fight against odds, taught her how to love. She made him fall in love with life again. She made him smile, laugh and also made him control his high-temper.

Once again, their relation hit a hard rock when his chit-chat with some other girl came into light. They fought for 3 continuous days, she cried. He cried. But still, no one kept their ego at bay. That was the time, when both of them, with mutual consent, decided to broke up. But God did not want the love birds to separate, Divi wrote a heart-melting and emotional letter confessing her love and it went straight through his heart and acted as a cupid.

First anniversary came, but did not celebrate as both were busy. Both were heart-broken, wrenched. Again, continuous, heated arguments….2 years passed by with same fights, sweet talks, celebrating birthdays.. anniversary.. Christmas.. new year.


As they were heading towards the end of the third year of their relationship, a tragedy occurred.

She fell in love with a guy. He was a regular smoker, a drunkard. But what she thought was love was just lust for him. Mani warned her against him but she did not listen. She did what she wanted to, but Mani knew her lady love and also that bad guy. He would always mouth bad words about Mani, would question his love for her. She was innocent, fell into the trap laid by him. Whenever she tried to explain hers and Mani’s relation, he would blackmail her emotionally by saying that Mani didn’t value her and that she should leave him and she would just stop. Then he started blackmailing her by saying that he would tell everything to her mom. She feared, did not know what to do. At that time also, Mani was the only person who helped her out. He confided her in himself saying that as long as he was there,no one could harm her. He called her, asked not to contact Divi again. And they lived happily ever after.

Moral of the story is that never underestimate the power of love. Never ditch a person who loves you. Whether be your parents, boyfriend or girlfriend. Respect people who truly love you,care for you and protect you from the devils around. Love teaches you, what no school or college will. Time heals every pain, every scar. Love has that power which cannot be overcome by any other negative vibe.