My first day of college is today, and I’m both excited and scared about it. “Dont leave the thongs that you require ,anu” mom yelled from kitchen. I was in a rush to go to class.I ran into a guy over the stairs as I entered the campus, which was surrounded by greenery.  I can tell he was a fresher because he was wearing the same outfit as mine.He had excellent looks. I apologised to him, and he told me it was okay. I saw him as I was making my way to my class, and I was thrilled to have him as a classmate. Days passed, but since my first day of college, I haven’t even spoken to him. I learned his name because we are in the same class. I don’t know why I am feeling this way about him. I’m not even sure if it’s just a basic college crush or true love.  I was eager to speak with him. I want to tell him how I feel. But seeing him freezes me like a doll, I can’t even say hello to him . I have no idea if I’ll speak to him at the conclusion of my college career.My feelings for him are growing as well as my fear of being rejected day by day. I made a lot of effort to interact with him and establish friends. But I’m not sure why I’m unable to achieve that.

 After a few days, I found out that he was dating a girl from another part of my college. Together, they appear good. I was delighted that he had found the person he loved and sad that I couldn’t be with him when I saw them together.

My first love ended at that point.