I love my dog,

She’s a German Shepherd.

Her eyes are small and brown and sad.

When she’s done something wrong

her ears flop down,

she puts her head down on the ground

and she seems to say

“I’m sorry … I will not do it again.”

When my friend, Tom comes over

She jumps all over him

and licks him in the face-

sloppy, gooey, drooly and smelly!

She never bites and

she always loves to meet people.

When she’s good.

She does as she’s told.

She sits,



and comes when you call her.

She learned of things at Dog’s School.

Every morning she came into my room

and licks my nose to wake me up

And I cuddle her.

Kane is three years old.

Dad says she will live till she’s twelve.

I hope she never dies!