This story is about a boy who has been quite aggressive from the childhood itself and now that he is fully grown up is on the path to commit something irreversible in his anger whose consequences will be dealt by him life – long.

“Come on now, she’s your little sister forgive her”

“NO, she started it, I won’t forgive”

These were the normal conversations that used to take place between Alissa (mother), Mike (son) and his little Emilia (sister). Alissa was quite fed up with the aggressive nature of her son Mike but was quite patient and kept her calm and tried to teach ways to control aggression, but all was in vain as her son never listened to her no matter how hard she tried and this has given her some serious tension.

Almost every day she would be called to the school due to some random act of anger by her son or by him included in a fight, using inappropriate words and all other sorts of activities. One day finally she decided to send him to therapy classes which were referred many times to her by all the people be it the school administration, other students parents and many more.

Though the fees was way above her budget which was left after deducting all the expenses including Mike and Emilia’s school expenses, household expenditure etc. but somehow she managed it and arrived at an agreement of EMI payment to the institution. She has heard many people that were cured of the same and hoped the same for her son too, truly this was her last alternative in her neighbourhood for calming Mike, the other being sending him off to a very strict boarding school for which she was not ready and Mike and Emilia were the only once that were her support in the world after the death of her husband in a car accident.

The therapy began in a positive mode and the kid acted nicely his first day in the class. The advantage of such classes is that all the students are going through almost the same problem and this can make them bond really quick and help each other get out.

Mike did really good in his first week, he got an A+ on his report card for being the most non – aggressive student in the class which really put his mother in a shock, maybe she was the one who has been misunderstanding him the whole time etc. were the thoughts that crossed her mind. Anyways, she was really happy to see that her investment really paid off and her son was really improving.

But this did not remain for long, soon after the second week, she used to get the same calls from the therapy as she used to receive from the school of aggression. Nevertheless, she never lost hope and kept sending Mike in the therapy till the end. There was a little improvement as now he only used to get a few minutes of high anger followed by calmness.